Best Online Video Converters in 2021

Every film or other video maker uses different video editing techniques to create great shots that will take the audience’s breath away. A good video editor can do wonders, and thanks to high-quality editing, your video project will surely be a success.

The video editor helps to make a coherent picture out of disordered frames that will tell users the whole story. The process of video editing is quite serious and responsible because by doing the right things, your video will become incredible!

Briefly About What Is Video Editing

Before moving on to editing, it is important to familiarize yourself with what a video editor is and what features it has. It is important to remember that the main option of video editors is cropping, cutting, and arranging frames into a full-fledged movie. Using this procedure, you will be able to create a successful video that will be logical and understandable for the audience.

When you’re into video editing, you need to understand some aspects of the different pre-production steps, such as storyboards and shot lists. Then you need to deal with the stages of production, which include cinematography and continuity. Most of the time the editor spends on post-processing because often this process becomes the most energy-consuming and responsible.

To be able to edit video quality, it is important to learn the terminology and understand how you will work with the video. We have prepared a list of the most important terms in video editing with which you can successfully create clips and get a lot of praise from the audience.

Video Terminology You Need to Know

To successfully perform video editing, you need to become familiar with the terminology. We have prepared for you some of the most important terms for the video category, which you can find in the list below:

Frame Frequency

This term is one of the most popular. Frame rate is the number of captured or still frames that are taken every second to create the effect of movement. A standard clip has 24 frames per second, but to create a slow-motion effect, you need to set the speed to 60 or more frames per second. Remember that to create a successful video it is important to use good-quality images;


With video resolution, the editor determines the amount of detail in your clip and measures the number of pixels each image has. The most common movie resolutions are: 7680 x 4320 pixels, 3840 x 2160 pixels, 2560 x 1440 pixels, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1280 x 720 pixels;

Video Codecs

Thanks to the video codec, the editor can compress large files so that you can send them or store them, and then open them to view or edit them. The most popular video codecs are ProRes, MPEG, and H.264;

Aspect Ratio

This term is one of the most important for making a quality film. The most popular width-to-height ratios are 2:35:1, 16:9, 4:3;

File Format

The file formats you use refer to the codec and container that were previously used during the creation of the video. There are several standard .mov, .avi, or .mp3 file formats;

Safe Areas of Action and Headings

In case your clip will be viewed not only on a TV but also on a mobile phone or computer, you need to make sure that all actions and titles are conveniently placed on the screen and exist in safe areas of the monitor.

With the help of video terminology, you can easily use any software that helps to make your video more successful and of high quality. If you’re into or interested in video editing, you’re probably familiar with the terms we’ve listed above. Try to take this process responsibly so that viewers can watch your high-quality film in the correct format and from any device.

An Important Step in Choosing a Video Editing Program

To produce successful video editing, it is important to choose good software that will help make this process quality and interesting. You can choose the best TikTok video editor and use it for many years because it is an important decision for your success.

Each editor helps in some way to make your clips exciting, but before you decide which one you’ll use, it’s important to pay attention to the features it has. In addition, to facilitate the process of choosing a good editor, you can look at reviews and usage guides to understand what level of knowledge and budget you need to have to use it.

Since video editing is a responsible process for creating quality clips, every editor must pay attention to the features, workflow, and features that the software provides. By choosing the best video editor, you will surely have success and a huge number of views of your material.

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