5 Ways to Enhance Your Wix Website--

Using the Wix platform allows you to create a high-quality website. You can start from scratch or pick a template and customize it to match your branding and unique message. Boosting the engagement you have with visitors to your website can be done by enhancing it with beautiful images, making sure it’s accessible and looks good in mobile browsers.

Making Your Wix Site Mobile-Friendly

One way you can increase engagement with visitors to your website when created with the Wix platform is to ensure that it’s mobile-friendly. A significant number of people are using their smartphones and tablets to access and browse websites. Having a mobile-friendly site means they won’t have to squint to read the text and the forms will all work correctly. Your site should look good in a smartphone browser. The Wix platform and its Mobile Editor lets you see how your site will look in a mobile browser, making it extremely handy to make changes and see immediate results.

Optimizing Images

Inserting images into various areas of your website helps break up content and creates value. Tweaking photos to make them look just right can be completed by utilizing a photo editor from the Wix App Market. Editing, resizing or adding a filter to a photo or image to make it stand out should help create better engagement. You can even add animations to your pictures or advanced hover effects to any of your photos.

Increasing Accessibility

Ensuring your website is accessible to individuals who have disabilities is also essential. It can help you engage with individuals who may have vision problems, hearing impairment or motor skill challenges. If you use a website builder such as Wix, utilizing a Wix accessibility software solution allows you to discover any accessibility issues your site may have and fix them. Doing so helps you interact with more users of your website, helping build trust with your audience and make them more inclined to purchase your services or products.

Getting More Out of Social Sharing

Having your website look professional when you share it with your audience can be done using the Wix editor. It gives you the ability to control how each page of your website looks when it’s shared on social networks. Making sure you’ve got the best images, titles and descriptions will help your website look more professional. This should increase engagement from your visitors as they will be more prone to stay on a site that looks credible and trustworthy.

Utilize Your Website Stats

Using Wix allows you to track stats on your website and see how well it’s performing. You can integrate tools, such as GoSquared or Google Analytics, and use the information to make changes that can improve your website. Understanding demographics, interests, age, and location offers valuable data you can utilize to cater your website to their specific needs.

Final Words

Enhancing your Wix website can be done by using a variety of methods. If you’d like to boost the engagement you receive with your target audience, you’ll want to try incorporating these tips.

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