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For small businesses worldwide, it’s important to be able to be cost-effective while being on top of your game amongst the many competitors you may have locally and internationally. Many processes need to be streamlined, especially if you are just starting out. But in an age where the Internet can be basically your edge against competitors, you must know where to begin.

In this article, we’ve collated some of the best online and browser-based tools that any small business can use. Some are free of charge, and others will have you pay for a small amount. From marketing to human resources, you don’t have to fret about the things that you can’t control anymore. Here are essential tools for your small business:

A browser-based PDF editor

If there is anything that you need, no matter what industry you are in, it’s a trusty online PDF editor. Sure, there are thousands of options for desktop- or smartphone-based PDF editors, but none of those options have the convenience of having a tool that you can access anywhere you go, anytime you want it. PDF Bear, for example, has a wide array of individualized PDF applications that target certain operations.

Whether you want to do a PDF split, or rotate one, even convert Office-based file formats to PDF, there’s a corresponding editor that you can access. Most are free of charge, but there are advanced maneuvers and edits that you may need to have a subscription. The good thing about an online PDF editor is that you can just upload the shared file, then let it undergo the edits you want to do, and voila, you have a new and improved file in seconds!

Cloud-based storage for organizing all files

Every business needs to have a cloud storage subscription, or account to manage all the files pertaining to a business. It’s very smart to think about going fully online with your files, documents, and other business papers because you won’t have to worry about losing them – whether by force majeure, or just plain misplacement.

The options and alternatives you have for this abound. GDrive is on top of the list, but there are also great alternatives out there. One of the most important things to look for with cloud storage services is the size and capacity they can offer. For small businesses, a free account should do. If you are a medium enterprise, business accounts should be considered.

A screen sharing web-based tool for meetings

Meetings are one of the things that’s present for any business. In this climate we are where working from home is the safest thing to do, having an online screen sharing tool for presentations is convenient for when you have to present a talk online, it’s also handy to drive your point further when you’re explaining.

An email marketing web-based tool

Email marketing should be a part of any business’ marketing plan. Some experts will have you think it’s dated, but having and getting a great subscription list to your website means that you have a wider reach for promotions, sales, and other events that will elevate your company in the long-run. Email marketing tools such as email finder are easy to use and operate, but you’ll need someone with experience to handle it effectively.


When used synergistically with each other, these tools can form an impressive system to streamline the processes within your company. It also decreases core functions, as well as maintain stress levels among employees at the minimum. Bookmark these tools today and start training your employees to use it for a more efficient office environment!

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