How Chatbots Facilitate Internal and External Communications

“47% of consumers are open to buying items through a chatbot, and 37% would buy items from Facebook.” HubSpot

Chatbots are an invaluable asset to your internal and external communication plan. Chatbots allow employees to receive information directly through group messaging. Employees can receive PTO details through chatbots, share with a friend, or show payslips with a short call. As far as external communication is concerned it can help you retain customers, answer the customer faqs, and increase social engagement.

Internal Communication Through Chatbot

1.Task for Workforce

Some activities require multi-member team feedback and analysis. It is not necessary to contact each employee with a chatbot. The chatbot will ensure that the team received the event checklist and it will streamline operations for the company

2.Issue Reporting

Chatbots can be a critical, real-time internal collaboration tool for instantly exchanging essential health and safety knowledge. Chatbots may also accept notifications for incident notification or repairs, along with time and date stamps.

3.Taking Company’s Members Count

A chatbot will submit simulated invites to the employees for an off-site recruitment event and take a person’s headcount.

External Communication Through Chatbot

1. FAQs on social media

Launching a chatbot on your social media accounts is a perfect way to quickly remind them of all your business announcements and improvements. Your consumers would also not have to browse through your Facebook fan page to read all the updates.

2.Track Packages

The ChatBot prototype lets customers track their deliveries anytime they want to in the chat window. Customers can track their delivery at any time via the ChatBot chat tool. The service is free to use and can be pre-ordered from the company’s website.

3.Automate Ordering

Many clients are still willing to order takeovers and fund nearby restaurants. Chatbots can help simplify the placement of orders in your restaurant.