What Will I Get To Know In Jira Learning

Agility is one of the chief requirements for enterprises across several industries, and agility is backed by software like JIRA. It is thus hardly surprising that there has been an increasing demand for employees with JIRA learning. However, it is natural to wonder what one may learn in this course. The answer to put briefly is a lot. JIRA’s name is derived from the Japanese word ‘Gojira’, which means Godzilla. The software is developed by an Australian software company Atlassian. Its two chief uses are agile project management and bug tracking.

There are several advantages of going for JIRA Learning, but the biggest advantage is all one can learn from this course. The following are some of the things you can learn from this course:

  • Project creation, handling, and management – The business world in general, and MNCs in particular need agile project management. A good certified project in JIRA will help you learn all the various aspects of handling projects from creating the project to the very last task in a systematic manner.
  • Backlogs – one of the crucial advantages of using JIRA software for enterprises is that its backlogs are a great way of handling all sorts of issues. Backlogs are where several types of issues can be handled in a single, convenient and organized manner.
  • Sprint – A sprint is the fixed period in which a company must be able to finish its work. Gouging for a JIRA software learning certification course will help you learn how to create and handle sprints for various tasks in backlogs.
  • Creating and handling issues – The term issue can refer to several things, such as tasks and bugs. It may involve a help ticket to JIRA Service Desk. Creating and handling issues is of uttermost importance when using JIRA for bug fixing and agile project management in practice. A good JIRA certification course will help you learn all about issues including good issue-creation practices.
  • Making queries with JQL – JQL is an acronym, and it is short for JIRA Query Language. The knowledge of how to make various queries in the software is required to ensure that you can get to the desired issues lore more quickly.
  • Kanban boards and scrum boards – Unlike several other software, JIRA supports both Kanban and scrum boards. The two may seem the same superficially, but there are several differences between these two boards. Yet, both these boards help keep an enterprise agile, and you must be thoroughly acquainted with how to manage both. A JIRA certification course will help you learn about both using the software.

The Bottom Line

One can wrap up this discussion by concluding that this only provides a bird’s eye view of all one can learn in a JIRA-certified course. There will be a lot more to learn such as JIRA workflows, JIRA reports, JIRA screens, etc. If you are not sure you can check upcoming trends to get an idea what most of people are following. However, it is crucial to get the course from a reputed and quality institute to fully develop the skills in this software.

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