7 Things Full-Stack Developers Must Know To Be Successful

There are two sides of the coin when you have to hire React Native developers – the positive is that there are around 27 million developers to choose from, but the negative is that your competitors are also hunting the best developers, so there’s a lot of competition.

What can you do to make a difference and hire top talent with the best technical skills?

The answer is simple – You need to hire network talent by checking the technical skills we will address in this article, but pay attention to each one. Most of your candidates will probably have knowledge of at least some of these skills, but by addressing all of them during the hiring process, you will be able to hire the best candidate.

Let’s begin.

Experience with Various Platforms

One of the crucial, if not essential technical skills every React Native developer should have is to have the experience of working with various platforms.

If you want to hire a React Native developer who can start working immediately, you need to hire someone with experience working with Android, iOS, Windows, and so on. If this is not the case with your potential future developers, you shouldn’t hire them if you want them to start working right away. 

Of course, it may be impossible for them to have experiences working with all other platforms, such as macOS, Web, UWP, Android TV, and tvOS, but they need to have experience with some of them.

However, it’s valuable to mention that sometimes it is even better to give a chance to a developer without much experience if you see they are willing to learn and progress continuously.

Good Knowledge of React Basics, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

If you want to have a React Native developer who has excellent technical skills, then you have to hire someone who has a good command of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Especially JavaScript since it is the basic foundation for cross-platform app development, and it will help you developers build components and create whole apps. Of course, having a good knowledge of React basics goes without saying; they simply have to be familiar with React.

Furthermore, since React Native and React are two different things, it’s valuable if your developer knows both technologies because this will help them make reusable components that will make their code easier to maintain and it will be readable.

Debugging and Testing

Another critical technical skill every React Native developer needs to possess is debugging and testing skills in their pocket.

Since errors are a normal part of building an application, your future developer must know how to check the bugs and errors and correct them at the same time. In addition, since a site must work all the time and in all conditions, knowing how to test the code in various environments is necessary. If you hire React Native app developer who doesn’t have the knowledge of debugging and testing, they will never achieve a highly beneficial, comfortable, and functioning working environment. 

Therefore, finding someone with excellent debugging and testing knowledge is necessary if you want a successful React Native developer.

Knowledge of APIs and Third-Party Dependencies

You may already know that some features aren’t available in React Native, meaning that third-party dependencies play a significant role in this situation. 

The primary reason is that third-party dependencies can help your React Native developers to use additional features to the applications which are not available in the framework itself. For instance, features like maps aren’t available in React Native; therefore, your developers must possess excellent knowledge of third-party dependencies to make a robust and feature-rich app.

Another vital thing in cross-platform integration is APIs because understanding native and REST APIs is highly valuable for integration with platforms.

Optimization of Performance

Another crucial technical skill you need to check whether your potential React Native developer possesses during the hiring process is performance optimization.

The ultimate goal of any built app is to work at the highest level under any circumstances and conditions. That’s why the optimization of performance is essential since once the app is ready, the final yet important stage is the optimization check. 

If you desire an employee who can deliver high-performing applications, then you must hire a developer who knows that loading, redirecting, and refreshing are some of the vital elements which fall under the process of optimization of performance.

Good Knowledge of Tools

Building a perfect website, or anything on the internet for that matter, is simply only possible with having at least a good knowledge of tools. Some of the best tools your potential React Native developer needs to have knowledge of or know are:

  • Expo – An open-source toolchain for delivering iOS and Android apps that make its own ecosystem for React Native apps.
  • Redux – Also an open-source and JavaScript-based tool for building databases both for server-side and client-side development.
  • ESLint – They can use it to identify and report mistakes seen in JavaScript/ECMAScript code.
  • Jest – A JavaScript testing framework to ensure the correctness of the codebase.
  • React Navigation – It provides significant advantages when handling routing and navigation within the application.
  • ES6 – Made in order to standardize JavaScript

Knowledge of Node.js

Last on the list and as valuable as all other technical skills on the list above is the knowledge of Node.js.

As you probably know, it is a JavaScript runtime environment that gives developers the ability to make fast and scalable apps. It will help if your potential React Native developer has these skills since it can help them build and deploy apps much faster. 

In addition, Node.js also provides the foundation for many different tools for developers, so there isn’t a negative aspect if your candidate has knowledge of Node.js.

It’s time to hire talented React Native developers, and there are two crucial aspects you must remember – the best way to hire is through a global talent network, and don’t forget to address all these technical skills during the hiring process!

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