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5 Tips That Can Make You a Pro in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is one such game that has gained message popularity in the last few years. The game is excellent for beginners who have started gaming on a regular basis. Of course, you need a lot of strategies and planning to make your game victorious. Only then will you be able to get yourself accustomed to the actual style of the game. So, in order to help you out with the game, we have come up with a few tips and tricks. By following these tips, even a beginner can master Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War in a very short while.

Tip #1. Do not cover the entire map in a hurry: 

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make while they are trying to play the game is that they try to rush to every single location of the map as soon as the game begins. In such cases, you will become extremely reactive and you will move around the map without having a proper strategy. This can cause you a heavy blow and will also reduce your rate of success. That is why it is always better to think of a proper strategy before you start with the game. You will have to understand which things you should react to and which things you should ignore. This will help you to create a proper game plan and you will easily be able to master the game. You can also use the black ops cold war aimbot to aim better in the game.

Tip #2. Understand the map clearly: 

Although the map of this game is relatively small, yet you need to understand every aspect of the map in detail. As it is quite simple, you need not require a lot of knowledge of gaming in order to understand its layouts. Get to know all the locations on the map that are heavily crowded. Also, try to understand the instant kill zones and try to avoid these locations as much as possible. Having a good knowledge of the map can lead to a turning point in the game. It will surely assist you to plan your game confidently. You should also remember all the escape routes on the map.  This will help you to make a quick getaway in case you encounter an enemy.

Tip #3. Try to configure the settings: 

Configuring the settings can bring about a huge difference in your game. The sensitivity of the player is indeed the first thing that you must consider while playing. This you can understand only after you have played your game for a long duration of time. You can also try experimenting with sensitivities to find your perfect number. You can also make changes to various other settings as per your requirements. This is going to improve your gameplay and your performance will also be enhanced. You will be able to avoid getting killed by your enemies and last longer in the game.

Tip #4. Use your weapons wisely: 

You will get a wide variety of weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War but you need to be careful in deciding which weapon you should choose from. Hip-firing is a very good way of increasing your perfection. Using hip-firing, you will be able to kill your enemies in close range. That is why you should use this option every now and then. You should spend some time properly making your aim and then you can kill your target. However, make sure that you do not pull the trigger for too long. Otherwise, it can interfere with your aim. There are various other weapons as well that you can use depending on your requirements.

Tip #5. Collect information about the perks: 

Getting to know the perks is a very important part of the game. This will help you to stay away from your enemies and make progress in your game. This will also allow you to devise a proper strategy for your game. You must choose your perks very carefully. Also, try to increase your rank whenever you can.

I hope these tips will help you to level up your game plan. Also, you must design a proper strategy for yourself. Only then will you be able to remain in the game. In case you have any queries, don’t forget to let us know about them.

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