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The Roomba Buyers Guide


Roombas have placed themselves in the number one spot for being the best robot vacuum on the market. But how do you choose the Roomba that’s right for you?

Keep reading to find out exactly what to look out for and some of the best models they offer:

What To Look For In A Roomba

Not every Roomba model offers the same features, which is why it’s essential to explain what features to look out for.

Remember, a robot vacuum is about making your life easier, so try and pick features that will genuinely benefit your life:


One of the most significant advantages of robot vacuums is their ability to get into areas that humans usually wouldn’t easily be able to.

With the right size robotic vacuum, you’ll never have to clean under your sofa again. If the height of your couch is over 4 inches, you shouldn’t have a problem.


The best robotic hoovers can perform all the cleaning tasks with little to no human intervention. A self-charging robot helps achieve this; they can automatically return to the charging dock when the battery starts running low.

This means you don’t come home to a half clean house or have to spend your time looking for the Roomba when you get home.  

Run Time

The longer the robot can run without charging, the better; the average Roomba can run for 60-80 minutes before it needs charging.

More advanced models will have a longer run time of 90-100 minutes. These times are just estimations and can be reduced if needed.

Smart Mapping

Smart mapping is one of the most popular features a robot vacuum can offer. It allows your robot to intelligently map each room of your house.

This works by using a video camera and laser technology. By using the smart mapping feature, you can schedule the robot to tackle specific rooms on different days.


All robot hoovers will have a navigation system, but not all of them are as intelligent as they make out. Look at what navigation system it’s using, rule of thumb, the newer the Roomba, the better.


There are sometimes some rooms or areas you might not want the Roomba going into, which is why being able to set boundaries is so beneficial. There are two styles manufacturers use for setting boundaries.

The first one is by placing magnetic strips around the area you want the robot to leave. The robot can recognize the force and will stay away from it.

The other method only works if the robot has a smart mapping feature. This allows you to set a virtual boundary instead.


The price of a Roomba can differ depending on what model you go for. So let’s break down the prices a little bit:

  • Budget Roomba: $200-$300
  • Mid-Range Roomba: $300-$600
  • Top-range Roomba: $700+


Not all Roombas come with Wi-Fi technology, which means you have to control them with Bluetooth. This can be problematic if you want to use the robot remotely. 

Most of the newer models come with Wi-Fi technology, so if having remote control is essential to you, go for one of the newer models. 

Suction Power

The stronger the suction power, the better the robot is at cleaning. You see, stronger suction power makes it easier to pick debris out of the carpet.

The average suction power range seems to be between 1,200 Pa and 2,000 Pa.

HEPA Filter

If you have allergies, this might be the most important feature on the list for you. The problem is the cheaper models don’t use HEPA filters.

So, if you want a Roomba with a HEPA filter, you need to make sure your model offers it. The HEPA filter can remove 99% of allergens at the size of one micron. 

Self Emptying

This is another fantastic feature, but unfortunately, it’s reserved for their most expensive models. When the robot senses its full, it will make its way back to the dock where it can empty out.

The best thing is they can also lock away 99% of all allergens, so you can always rest assured your allergies will stay away. 

Top Roomba Models

Roomba has been around for so long they have something for everyone. So, let’s take a peek at two of their best models:

Roomba S9+

The S9 model uses a HEPA filter, so you know the allergens it collects stays inside the machine. It also features 40x the suction power over the 600 models, which is quite exceptional.

When the suction power is combined with the dual rubber brushes, you have quite an exceptional cleaning device.

This robot also includes a smart mapping system that uses over 230,000 data points to map your home accurately. It also uses a self-emptying system that can hold the dirt for one month before it needs emptying.

Roomba 675

This is one of Roombas best budget ranges, making it more attractive to smart tech newbies or people on a budget.

It uses a multi-stage cleaning system to ensure it picks up any dirt it comes across. It can handle multiple surfaces and run for around 90 minutes before it needs recharging.

The charging takes around 2-3 hours; once it’s complete, it can continue on its cleaning mission. It can also be linked with several voice assistants, including Google Home and Alexa.

Rounding Up

Hopefully, this has helped you understand what Roombas are about and what features they offer. The most popular features are Smart Mapping, Self-Emptying, and HEPA filters.

In the end, it comes down to your preferences. Before you choose your Roomba, make sure you click here to check out some other models.The Roomba Buyers Guide

So, what do you think? Are you ready to get a robot vacuum in your life? Let us know in the comments below! Follow Techiemag for more!