These Technologies Have Changed Our World

Technology and life are like two parallel lines. But they have one thing in common: they both are changing. We will tell you about the technologies that have changed our world beyond recognition in recent years.

A Wireless Network

We are already used to the rapid Internet, the possibility to access it from the smartphone, and the ability to visit any sites, even the sites blocked in your region. Now it is possible to buy a Europe proxy and ensure free and secure access to the global network. You can do it on at a bargain price. But none of this would have been possible without wireless communication technologies, such as WiFi.

In the past, if you wanted to surf the web at home, you had to connect to a network cable like an extension cord. In 1997, WiFi was implemented. Since then, everything has changed. You can use a router or a Bluetooth adapter to access the Internet everywhere, whether you are at home or work. Today, WiFi is so important for the personal and professional lives of everyone that it is almost impossible to find a house or public place without it.

Internet of Things

WiFi has not only made it possible for people to check emails or escape boredom when visiting relatives. It also allows people to develop all kinds of devices to connect and exchange information without human involvement. This network of devices creates a system called the Internet of Things.

The term was coined in 1999. However, this idea has only become popular among consumers in the past decade. Today there are tens of billions of Internet-connected smart devices that perform “smart-home” tasks, such as turning on lights, checking to see who’s at the front door, or notifying you when you’re out of milk. This technology is also used in industry, health care, and municipal management.

Voice Assistants

For many consumers, a voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, is the heart of the smart home. How many times have you asked Siri about the weather or asked Alexa what to watch tonight? Assistant-connected speakers can tell you the weather, read the news or play music from streaming services. And that’s not all the “skills” of a voice assistant.

Face Recognition

If you want to pay at the checkout, you can unlock your smartphone by looking at the camera of your device. If you want to change your appearance on Instagram, you can use one of the millions of filters. None of this would have been possible if facial recognition hadn’t been developed in 1960.

Facial recognition is a relevant area of technology today. It’s a form of biometric authentication that uses your facial features to confirm your identity. This technology helps unlock devices and sort photos in albums on your smartphone. However, it is mainly used in surveillance and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

The ability of devices and machines to solve creative and intellectual tasks is called artificial intelligence (AI). AI used to be the domain of science fiction. But now it is one of the most important technologies. Moreover, AI is a part of facial recognition. It also helps to solve crucial problems in transportation, retail, and health care, such as detecting breast cancer unseen by human eyes.

Virtual Reality

Large and small companies have begun to use virtual reality that transports users into a computer-generated world. Virtual reality was once limited to the realm of science fiction movies but now this technology has become a real industry.

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