A significant purpose of using social media is to share what you like with your loved ones. It can be memories, experiences, and even the events that are happening in recent times. Instagram fulfills all your needs by providing an effective platform that permits you to enjoy life through different modes of sharing. It has grown out to be an impressive social media platform both for individuals and businesses alike. In very little time it has gained coin as the perfect platform for more than 1 billion active influencers, videographers, photographers, and marketers.

Downloading Instagram Media

Instagram is a popular social network but it has certain limitations when it comes to downloading the media. Unlike the other popular platforms, it does not allow to download all the content easily. It is also not easy to share the favorite media files on other networks. It is only the author of any specific post who can download the media or share it with the rest.

Are you thinking about the safe and swift mode of downloading the media to your system from Instagram? It is difficult but not impossible if you have acquired assistance from the third-party application. One tested application in this regard is the Qoob. it has made it easier to download your favorite media in a convenient way.

There are several applications that you may like to use for getting your favorite Instagram stories and media but Qoob is a reliable option. Once you acquire Qoob it becomes extremely easy to enjoy the Instagram content. Here we are adding all the necessary information that you will definitely love if you want to use the Qoob for getting the Instagram media.


  • Ad-free browsing of Instagram feeds using your desktop.
  • Auto downloading of media available.
  • Efficient and effective media downloading.
  • Filters of location and hashtag available for content search.
  • Can be used to download Instagram stories and highlights too.
  • Permits viewing the highlights and stories without revealing your identity.
  • Auto-download feature

What is Special About Qoob?

While talking of the amazing features what you cannot ignore is the user-friendly interface. It is not just pleasing to your eyes but ensures complete functionality. It is hard to get the two in one application but here in Qoob, you get both the features running side by side. Once you start using the application it is possible to start downloading the media instantly. Thus, all the features make it worth using even if you are new to it and there is no manual to follow either.

Searching the media is not hard either. Go to the search bar. Use the filter that you like and then by adjusting the settings to auto-downloading for the future you can start working with the appropriate profile. The choice can also rest upon the date and the media type.

It has a search bar at the top where you can search by location, username, or hashtag. You can select the settings button to manage the conditions for automatic downloading once you choose a profile. You can also set the date range for the required posts and you can select the media type you want to download.

Guide to use Qoob

Once you have completed the selection you can start downloading after subscribing. There is a list of channels that you have subscribed to. This list appears before you on the screen. Add your username to the list so it will be possible to enjoy the offline backup.

You will find an arrow button on your list. You can use it to find the posts that are by a single account. You may check the caption on the posts if you want. It is easy to view the photo or video by simply clicking once. Go to the post, right-click on the post and this will unfold all the information including the comments and the reviews.

If there is your personal feed on the profile then you can check the profile icon that is resting in the right corner. Click on the icon and then log in using your credentials. It is possible to check ad-free feeds on the post that you have submitted once.

The overall working of the application is easy to handle and takes your precious moments to complete the whole task.


Reliability and trust are two things that not every application ensures. Qoob is popular in this regard. After you have the application available on the platform it is possible to download the favorite media on your device without any problem. For those who believe in quality, there is little concern about price especially when the application is giving you the best.

The free plan permits subscribing to two accounts with which it becomes possible to download 200 videos and photos on a daily basis. It is a perfect choice for those who do not want to compromise on quality and want to test the application before actually subscribing to it. It can be used as the test package.

This application comes with a free plan with which you are allowed to subscribe to two different accounts and you can download 200 videos and photos every day. This free plan is enough for people who want to test the application before using it.

Premium plans are worth using after you are satisfied with the quality and performance of the application. These plans start from 7 dollars for a month. Under the plan, you can get 10 accounts that will let you download unlimited media daily. You can download the content from private accounts.

A professional plan is just the perfect one for professional use. It has no restrictions and is available after paying 25 dollars for a month. You can get subscriptions for unlimited accounts and then you can use them for business purposes.


Qoob was launched after the tech experts were fully satisfied by the performance. The application did extremely well.  There are little flaws and so it ensures perfect working. They are giving the best which they have promised for the long run. Thus, it qualifies to become the best application to get the best downloaded from Instagram. The download is possible in an efficient way. If you are actually looking for a downloader then it is better to try Qoob for assisting you regarding Instagram.

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