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Outsource Your Inside Sales and Save Money


One of the most frequently cited benefits of outsourcing inside sales is that it can save your company money. But, do you know exactly where these savings come from and how much you can actually save? The truth is that outsourcing sales absolutely saves you money and it comes in various forms that you might not notice unless you’re carefully tracking your expenses when you have an internal inside sales team and when you don’t. Fortunately, outsourcing inside sales has become so popular that we’re able to show you exactly where these savings are.

Space and Equipment Expenses

When you hire new employees, whether they’re going to be your inside sales team, your customer service representatives, or your engineers, you have to have space for them to work in and equipment for them to work on. These expenses, which include desks, chairs, telecommunication equipment, computers, and more, are not cheap, especially if you have to lease or buy additional space every couple of years because you’re growing so quickly. By outsourcing your sales, you don’t have to worry about these expenses because your outsourcing company hires the salespeople and provides them with the equipment they’ll need to do their jobs well. 

Recruiting and Training Expenses

You’ve probably heard the adage that you have to spend money to make money, which is very true when you’re talking about recruiting employees and training them properly. It costs a lot of money to recruit the type of employee you want to have in your organization. You have to either pay a recruiter to find these employees for you or you have to spend your own time finding them yourself. Either way, you may have to interview many people before you hire one person. Then, you have to repeat this process until you’ve filled your sales team. 

But, you aren’t done spending money on these employees yet. You also have to pay to train them to do their job the way you want it done. Not only do you have to develop your own training curriculum and resources, but you have to have employees available to do the actual training. This means you either have to hire yet another employee specifically as a trainer or pull someone away from their regular job duties to train them. You’re basically bleeding money either way. With an outsourcing firm, though, you have none of these expenses.

Salary and Benefits Expenses

Of course, your new salespeople are going to want to be paid, so you’ll have to provide them with a competitive salary and/or commission to do their job. While you’ll also pay for outsourcing work, it won’t nearly be the same amount as paying full-time salaries for an in-house team. Moreover, high-potential individuals, which are what you want in your firm, are going to demand a good benefits package that includes healthcare, dental care, retirement, disability insurance, and other incentives. Even if you already have an excellent benefits package for your current employees, it will cost you more for each person you hire. But, with an outsourced sales team, you don’t have to worry about these expenses at all.


The long and the short of it is that outsourcing inside sales saves you money in various ways. If that’s one of your primary concerns about outsourcing sales, you can see here that outsourcing this aspect of your company can really stretch your budget, allowing you to send this precious resource to other parts of your business.

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