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Worried about what you might do if you get stranded somewhere with a dead cell phone? Reliance on cell phones has hit an all-time high as they are used for buying things, communicating with others, and much more. When you’re preparing to make your next phone purchase, the battery life has to be a consideration.

If you like iPhones but have some doubts about the iPhone battery, you’re in the right place. There are a lot of details that help explain the iPhone battery life and the stats about it. 

Basic iPhone Battery Life

Depending on the model you buy, the battery should last between 12 to 20 hours at its peak, with 20 hours going to the latest models. But like all high-tech batteries that rely on chemicals, it will degrade over time. iPhone batteries tend to lose their edge after the 500th charge. 

People often hit this mark around 3 to 4 years, and start noticing the iPhone battery draining fast or not working as quickly as before. This isn’t to say that iPhone batteries are bad. They are still some of the most technologically advanced batteries out there.

However, you need to be aware that any chemical-based battery will experience some kind of aging as you use it. Your phone will continue to work, but a battery replacement may be in your future. 

Compare and Contrast

When you’re debating between multiple phone models, look at the battery capacity and those specific stats. You may find most phones today are comparable, and if they use lithium-ion batteries they will all age. It’s normal for a battery to show some wear and tear over time, so don’t let that be the final factor in your decision.

Look at the other stats that are specific to your needs with batteries as well. Do you need one that lasts a long time with audio playback so you can listen to music? Or is streaming more important? 

Replace and Restart

A great thing about phones is that you can replace the battery. And an iPhone battery replacement shouldn’t cost you a fortune, since they are such a common kind of phone. Places like sell good replacement batteries and have helpful tips about when and how to replace them. 

If you have had your iPhone for years and aren’t sure you want a new one, consider getting an iPhone battery replacement instead. If you are past the warranty date, this could help you save money and revitalize your phone.

The iPhone Battery Life

The iPhone battery is comparable to most any phone on the market today. You’ll be unlikely to find any immensely better, especially when looking at lithium-ion battery models.

Don’t let the possible aging scare you, especially when many people upgrade their phones around that time anyway. And if this helped you better understand the iPhone battery life, keep reading for more good tips.

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