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You can buy FIFA coin to acquire new players for your squad, trade in FUT, or as a way of avoiding the time-consuming process of playing Squad Battles and matches. However, EA Sports, which is the company that owns and provides FIFA, insists that you purchase FIFA coins from sellers that they have authorized. If you buy FIFA coin from an unauthorized vendor, it may result in your account being terminated, so you should always make sure the seller is legit, considering the high price of these coins. Fortunately, there are various ways to identify reliable websites that can guarantee legit FIFA coins.

Things to consider

Buying FIFA coins should always start with finding sellers approved by EA Sports. However, each platform has unique benefits that range from attractive discount offers to fast coin delivery, among others. Some of the important considerations to make when looking for safe websites offering FIFA coins for sale include:

Market reputation offers the fastest and easiest way to gauge is a given FIFA coin seller is trustworthy or not. Websites, such as BUYFIFACOIN.NET, have demonstrated consistency over the years will generally attract a growing reputation from players that buy FIFA coin from the platform. In the same way, unreliable non authorized sellers will cause various problems and attract negative reviews from players. As such, you should spend some time checking out reviews from real players and industry experts before spending money on FIFA coins.

Websites that sell FIFA coins use various trading systems to facilitate the trade. Whether you want to trade ultimate team coins or FUT 20 coins, it is essential that you find sellers that use reliable systems to facilitate coin trading. Primarily, a safe trading system should provide a 99% guarantee to reduce the risk of getting banned, since it is one of the things EA Sports assesses when reviewing coin purchases.

The trading system a website uses to deliver coins will determine how long you wait for the coins to arrive in your wallet. Some methods may take as little as 30 minutes, but most methods require up to 24 hours. Typically, you will receive the coins within 24 hours after placing your order. You can ask the seller for this information in case you want the coins urgently. Nonetheless, make sure the seller is legit first as most use fast coin delivery to mask their illegal operation.

The price of FIFA coins will vary from site to site, so it is always recommendable to compare offers from different platforms. Some sites purchase coins in bulk and resell them at affordable prices, while others are known to be very expensive. You will also find systems used for selling FIFA coins. Concerning discounts, FIFA coins aren’t any different from other game coins. The more coins you purchase, the larger discount you will attract. A seller might offer one coin for $1 and up to 10 percent discount when you buy 1000 coins or more.

  • Refund and privacy policy

Refund policy can offer your money back if you buy FIFA coin but do not wish to have it in your gaming account. You should always check the refund policy before purchasing coins, just in case you need to cancel the order. Some sites will refund you even if you already used part of the coins, although you will only receive money for coins that were not spent. Most will charge you a small fee for the refund, so make sure you read and understand the policy to avoid confusion when requesting a refund.

Since you are investing real money by purchasing FIFA coins, it is crucial to choose professional platforms that feature exceptional customer support services. This includes seamless communication, multiple channels, prompt responses and various onsite resources you can use to understand the offer. Customer reviews and expert ratings can give you insight into the nature of customer service. You can also try using the contact methods provided by the seller to verify if they are responsive and helpful.

FIFA coin has been available for a while, so you expect to find several websites that have been selling them. When looking to buy FIFA coin, it is advisable to compare vendor experience and choose those that have more years in the industry. You can still find amazing offers from new platforms, but it is always recommendable to see what long-serving platforms have. 


Finding a safe website to buy FIFA coin should be an effortless task since there are many offers in the market. The easiest way to land secure platforms is by sticking to sites that have been approved by EA sports. You should also keep an eye on FIFA forums and blogs for information about reliable sellers and emerging offers. In most cases, EA authorized websites are safe.

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