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Are you looking for ways to secure your commercial property? The struggle is real! Many new faces are stepping in each day into a commercial building which is often lucrative yet worrisome. And most importantly, we do not know who is trustworthy. All thanks to the technology that has given us an impetus to develop and design commercial property security systems. There are a plethora of new security systems in the market that you can also adopt. Are you skeptical about using these systems? Well, not to worry, they are totally reliable! To make it easy for you, we have brought some security system trends that you can adopt to secure your commercial place. It will surely ensure your peace of mind!


1. Biometric Access System: Have you ever seen employees in offices showing their fingerprints or ID to a system? These biometric systems ensure that only people registered in the biometric system enter the property. It keeps the trespassers away! In short, these authorized entries dismiss the unauthorized personnel from entering the building premises.

2. Video Door Phones: A commercial establishment may receive a lot of deliveries and parcels each day. Are you concerned about the couriers that come in? There are many incidences where potential robbers pose as courier personnel to force their way into the property. Installing a two-way video door phone will surely deter such incidents. For instance, you can see who is at the door and verify the credentials before letting them in. Isn’t it comforting to be secure from all potential threats?

3. Television Cameras: How about keeping an eye on every activity happening in and around the commercial area? Isn’t it a fabulous idea? You can achieve this by installing Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs) on every floor, room, and outdoors to keep track of what is going on. If you are suspicious of someone skimming money from your business area, you can use CCTVs as evidence or a deterrent.

4. Security Personnel: It is always a great thought to hire a security service that will be available to you and your commercial space 24/7. The physical presence of a security officer is enough to prevent certain crimes. This type of security can be more effective when clubbed with the THERMS software. THERMS is an all-in-one solution for security and patrol operations that provides an overall view of everything within the location. It keeps track of all the activities of the security guards and makes it simple for them to access boundaries, report incidence, arrange schedules, access logs and much more. All these tasks are automatically logged into this software, by which future analysis becomes easy. To be precise, it is like securing your property twice!

5. Intruder Alarm System: The intruder alarm system works brilliantly when an intruder enters the commercial property. If concerned authorities or systems identify any unknown individual forcing in the property, the sensors can detect and immediately alert the owners and other security forces with a high sound.

6. Fire Alarm System: If there is a fire in the commercial area, the smoke detectors and sensor systems may alert all the individuals with an alarm or automatically alert the fire brigade or relevant authorities. Such security is important for the success of a business. Otherwise, in no time, it will turn into a disaster.

7. Central Monitoring System: What happens when there is an unfortunate event like a robbery or medical emergency at a commercial space? It is crucial to adopt a commercial monitoring system by which people in the concerned department will notify police, hospital, or other concerned authorities. So now, you don’t have to worry about any mishap being unattended!

Walk with the changing time and try to adopt such latest security measures. After all, the commercial space is your means to earn, and you may surely not want that place to get ruffled because of one mistake. Take all necessary precautions and ensure that each team is doing their work properly. With these astounding trends in security systems, you can be tension-free now about the safety of your commercial building.

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