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YouTube shorts are quick and easy to produce, yet it is hard for people to find and in some cases watch them.

YouTube audiences can be attracted to a video in a variety of ways: watching it on the front page, finding it through suggestions, or clicking through from other videos. Yes! They should watch the video you uploaded for them! To do this you will need to optimize your YouTube channel and get cheap YT Subscribers to skyrocket your reach and make sure that your videos are getting enough engagement.

YouTube has changed dramatically over the last decade and now there is no turning back. It’s time to create content that resonates with people today.

It can be done as :

1. Make trailer /teaser

When making a trailer/teaser, you can use the same format as many movie trailers. It’s important to know what kind of tone you want viewers to feel when watching the video, for example, dramatic? Comedy? Action-packed? Etc. Try to imagine how the rest of the short will progress based on what’s shown in the teaser; this way, it helps viewers get more excited about the upcoming release. As you are creating your teaser/trailer, try to add some “bump” into your editing. 

To do this:

1.) Incorporate slow motion and graphics with fast cuts to draw people in.

2.) Bump up the views

3.) Bump up the subscriber count

4.) Make a video 

5.) Make a thumbnail 

6.) I understand Youtube algorithms 

7.) find your niche market and keep producing content for them.

2. Make funny videos 

Making videos funny or heartwarming is an art that takes a lot of effort, time, and research. You can use videos to make your live the best it can be with help from YouTube. I am going to show you how to get more views on YouTube shorts by teaching you five different quick tips that will have your channel go viral on the video-sharing platform. You need to upload videos frequently and make sure your videos are of high quality. Make sure you are targeting the right audience and that your videos are optimized for YouTube.

3. Make sure you have awesome music in your video to give it a good feeling.

Make sure to have awesome music, quality footage, and professional-looking editing to give your YouTube video the best chance of getting views.

Make sure that you have a soundtrack that goes well with what you’re trying to say or do in the video. Be creative! Have fun with it. Also make sure to get your video done in a short amount of time, because believe it or not YouTube will cut your video if they don’t see you have a lot of views in the first few days.

1) Start with a replayable title that already has traction online.

2) Create to-the-point descriptions with keywords.

3) Use captions in the description section and include an eye-catching thumbnail image. 

4) Fill out the audience dropdown so that viewers can tailor their search for specific types of content or channels they’re interested in watching. 

4. Getting creative and making exciting videos is important, but so are the basics. If viewers can’t find your videos, they won’t be able to watch them!

You want to give your viewers the best possible piece. You want them to click on your video and spend the entire time you want them to and not only watch just the moment they wanted to see. 

If you’re creating a film or series, it’s okay to announce a release date for multiple upcoming videos. This is especially true if you have a lot of different videos that need more views but only release one every so often. It means that you should always be trying to get your best video out there. 

5. Promote your videos on other channels, and try to stay away from self-promotion.

Promoting from other YouTube channels to your own is a great way to get more YT views, and it’s much easier than you think. By following a few simple guidelines, you’ll be able to make your videos go viral in no time! Do not forget to include links to all of your other content in your video descriptions, especially if you have a large following on another channel. 

Additional Tip: 

Ensure to cover keywords and titles in the video description to help your video rank higher on YouTube.

Use the suggested titles and keywords so that Youtube will show your video in the right place. You can also add unique and interesting tags. The title of the video is what shows up in search results – this is one of the most important parts of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

A title in search results must be unique and should be relevant to what you’re trying to promote. A good title will help you get going with getting featured by using hashtags, as well as getting more views on YouTube.


There are other points to consider to get an increase in the number of views on YouTube videos. Like Putting your YouTube in front of the camera, shooting outside, recording yourself playing with your pet or doing something you like, etc. Try them and have the benefits. 

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