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Best Crypto Exchanges to Exchange Monero with Low Fees


The main task of many traders and investors who make money in the cryptocurrency market is to find a good (promising) altcoin while entering the market on time. A lot of options appear every day, but the overwhelming majorities are coins that “blow-off” very quickly. They collect money, and after that “calm” and complete “extinction” begins. It is very important that this did not happen with the Monero cryptocurrency. This digital token showed its great promise to investors in time, therefore, its rate continues to grow intensively, and the exchange’s trading Monero always have high profits.

Key facts

The coin was released in 2014. Emission – 18.4 million units. The developers, creating Monero, were well aware that the main idea of ​​each cryptocurrency is anonymity. Many tokens that were initially on the market have actually lost their anonymity. But the creators of Monero began to understand in time that investors who are really ready to invest their money in cryptocurrency want to remain unknown to anyone. That is why users with Monero accounts can count on maximum privacy.

Why is Monero the best for privacy?

We can give you several reasons:

  1. Awful “confusion” with addresses. The sending process involves one-time addresses. Several of them are used for one recipient at once, and this, you see, is a problem for hackers;
  2. The presence of a ring signature. As soon as the user sends coins, several signatures are involved in the process at once. What’s the bottom line? It is almost impossible to find out the author of the transaction;
  3. The amount of funds sent is encrypted using the Ring technology.

Once Monero hit the market, it was harder to talk about anonymity. Why? Due to the minimum number of users at that time. As a result, the problem was solved:

ü there are a lot of investors;

ü capitalization is growing daily;

ü the exchange rate is more or less stable.

Many traders try to buy Monero (XMR) on the exchange. There are already a lot of trading platforms that make it possible to trade this coin. It’s simple: the larger the rate and capitalization, the more options for trading.


Main task: trade/exchange of digital coins. The developers managed to create such an online platform that will become universal for both beginners and professional traders.

As of September 2017, the Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange offers traders 228 currency pairs, including xmr to btc exchange.

The size of the commission for each trade is in the region of 0.18% – 0.02%.

Livecoin is among the 30 largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The capitalization level is more than USD 16 million.


The work started in 2013. It seems that there is no huge experience in the market, but today the project has managed to create a lot of noise. The exchange is growing in capitalization “by leaps and bounds”. Its developers perfectly understand the concept of cryptocurrency development. That is, it is better to buy a digital coin at the time of its intensive growth from the legitimate & secure wallet Bitamp, when there is a real opportunity, for example, for traders to make money on speculation, and for investors – on an increase in the rate.

29 cryptocurrency pairs are offered for trading.

For each transaction, the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange takes the following commission: 0.02%.

Today more than 30,000 traders work on the exchange. EXMO is among the top 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges. A successfully developing company that has been actively engaged in its activities for more than 1 year. If you nevertheless decided to start trading cryptocurrency, you should try EXMO.

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