The rapid advancement of technology and globalization has continued to affect how the world operates on a daily basis. Whether you own your own business or want to stay on top of trends to further your career, paying attention to where the market is going is essential. That way, you are ahead of the curve instead of struggling to catch up. Upgrading your office phones with cloud-based companies like Ooma services or making sure your data is organized efficiently are some easy ways to improve your work life. Here are three more business trends you will want to watch.


Crowdfunding isn’t a brand new concept, but with financial markets in a more unstable place, they have grown in popularity. This is often out of necessity as finding traditional funding sources is getting more difficult. Crowdfunding offers businesses the opportunity to raise large sums of money without much individual commitment. Even better, a great crowdfunding campaign serves the purpose of marketing and promoting a future product to a large group of interested consumers at the same time that it raises money for said product.

Social Media Innovations

Social media continues to grow in popularity, and as it does, platforms are creating more ways for businesses to sell products within the apps themselves. Not only does this help the social media companies by keeping people on their sites for longer, but it also helps businesses lower the obstacles consumers face to make a purchase. However, if you aren’t selling physical products, social media is still essential to reaching new and existing customers consistently. Another growing trend is using micro-influencers to promote businesses and products, which often works much better than traditional advertising.

Going Local

Globalization will continue to transform the world and the way businesses operate. Still, with travel restrictions, supply chain issues, and remote work becoming more common, many companies are focusing on bringing their work closer to home. This potentially means less travel specifically for work and more for pleasure. Virtual meetings enable work from anywhere for many positions, and remote work is gaining popularity among those who enjoy traveling for more than vacation once per year.

These three trends in business demonstrate how technology enables the world to connect virtually, transforming the way people work and travel. By jumping on these trends early, you can be sure you are ready to handle any significant career shifts that come your way.

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