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Your Cold Calling Guide for the 21st Century


Cold calling is always going to be a necessary part of sales. After all, unless you reach out to people you don’t know about your product or service, you’ll never generate new leads or make new sales, and eventually, you won’t be able to grow your business. But, as anyone will tell you, cold calling is also very hard. You’re trying to convince a stranger that they need your product or service and they’re already predisposed to not want to talk to you. And with new phone technology, it’s harder than ever to actually get to speak to someone. Fortunately, once you have a lead on the phone, this cold calling guide can help you nurture that prospect and perhaps even make the sale. 

Nail Your Elevator Pitch

You aren’t going to make a sale in the 15 seconds you have to introduce yourself and entice your listener to continue listening, but you can break a sale in that amount of time. Your 15-second script should explain your company, what you do, who you’ve done it for (make sure to have some customers who are willing to share their experiences with you that you can refer to in this pitch). Your goal is to peak your listener’s interest and keep them engaged with you long enough for you to demonstrate how you can make their lives easier.

Demonstrate Value

This is a critical aspect of cold calling that must be perfected if you’re going to generate leads and close sales. Your listener must understand what value you offer them right from the start. It should be a part of your 15-second opening pitch, but you’ll want to go more in-depth on value once you’ve interested them in learning more. 

You can even point out the shortcomings of other products on the market so that your solution stands out among the competitors. This is especially beneficial if you have someone on the line who already uses another product and is frustrated by a specific aspect that it doesn’t currently address. You can show them that your product or service solves that particular pain point.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

It’s human nature to like to talk about yourself and an excellent trick of accomplished salespeople is to let their leads do exactly that. Asking open-ended questions gives the prospect an opportunity to vent about their current issues and explain what they need to solve those issues. They also give you an opportunity to further demonstrate how your solution fills their needs. By asking the right questions and listening carefully to their responses, you can craft answers that illustrate how your product’s features can improve their operations.


Yes, even if you’re on the phone with no video camera insight, you need to smile when you’re speaking with prospects. They can actually hear it when you smile because your voice will sound more relaxed, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. It may feel weird to smile while on the phone at first, but eventually, you’ll discover its magical benefits.


Cold calling won’t ever be the easiest part of a job, but it will always be necessary to grow your business. With these tips, you’re sure to capture more leads and turn them into sales.

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