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Some of The Best Classic Films That Are on Netflix


Netflix is undeniably the largest and most popular streaming platform to this date; therefore, we are guaranteed to find a large amount of fan-favorite, classic movies. Although a variety of these movies we will discuss are available to watch on streaming services at a time best suited to you, be sure to have a look online at TV guides as quite often, it is the classics that make an evening appearance on the big screen. Click here for TV aerial and satellite inquiries. Now, let’s jump straight into some of the best classic films that are on Netflix.

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21 Jump Street 

When Jenko and Schmidt, played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, become partners within the police academy, they are assigned to infiltrate a high school to stop the spread of a new street drug. Their captain, portrayed by Ice Cube, provides them with new identities to keep the project undercover, but the pair adapt slightly too much to their new role. After identifying the dealer, portrayed by another highly favored actor, conflict within their friendship ultimately results in them eventually finding the supplier. If you are a fan of popular American actors, you are bound to be a fan of this classic hit comedy film.

Dirty Dancing 

Starring the iconic duo, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, known as Baby and Johnny, this 1960s classic takes place at a resort in Southeast New York, owned by Baby’s father’s friend. After scoping out the resort, Baby encounters Johnny at a secret dirty dancing party, and the two end up developing a connection after she must step in as his dance partner. This classic love story follows the journey of the new dance partners, including complications along the way, as Baby’s family disapproves of her choices. The film ends with the pair performing their definitive dance to “The Time of My Life”, which the majority of us are bound to recognize!


The success of the 1975 thriller film, Jaws, brought a whopping $472 million to the box office, which eventually lead to the production of a further three films. Within the original Jaws film, the focus is on the fictional Amity Island, as the community becomes extremely shaken up upon realizing that a great white shark surrounds their beach, and is actively killing people. This frantic thriller definitely keeps viewers on their toes in suspense, particularly when it comes to the brave attempt of attempting to end the shark once and for all.


Annie, set during the time of the great depression, focuses on an orphanage in New York City run by a wicked Miss Hannigan who constantly puts the orphans to work. After being chosen to partake in a scheme to boost billionaire, Mr. Warbucks’, image, Annie is selected to live with him for a week, which leads to a powerful bond and a proposal of adoption. As Annie is destined to find her real parents through her half locket, she pleasantly declines however, events take a turn for the worst when a cash prize is publicized by Warbucks’ to find Annie’s biological mother and father. This is one of the best classic films as it humbles viewers watching a young girl, and her friends struggle as orphaned children.


After stabbing his older sister to death, 6-year-old Michael Myers is placed in a sanctuary, and upon his court hearing fifteen years after being incarcerated, manages to escape and return to his hometown in Illinois. The famous Michael Myres image that we all know, and fear, results from him killing a mechanic, stealing his overalls, and accumulating a white mask from a hardware store. From here, the killing spree begins. If you are a fan of modern-day horrors, be sure to take a trip back to the 1970s to watch one of the all-time best classic films in the slasher department.

School of Rock 

Guitarist, Dewey, portrayed by Jack Black, finds himself impersonating his roommate as a prep school substitute teacher to acquire some extra money to pay his rent. Upon realizing how academically unaware he is in the position, he fabricates an idea of turning the class into a rock band to eventually compete in the Battle of the Bands competition. After setting out key roles for each member of the class, “The School of Rock” is formed and talent progresses. However, after the principal of the school realizes that Dewey is an intruder, slight complications arise for the rock band. Click here for more.


“Say hello to my little friend”, heard that one before? Al Pacino stars in this 1983 American crime drama focusing on a Cuban refugee, Tony Montana who progresses to become a drug lord. Filled with violence and explicit content, this movie is not for everyone however, it has received appraisal and attention over the years and is considered one of the best classic films ever made due to the exceptional performances within, alongside its co-direction from Howard Hawks who is considered as “the greatest American director who is not a household name.”

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