Building automation systems are designed to increase building productivity and lower operating costs. PCS Energy has created control dashboards that collect data from a building’s various systems, and provide real-time information. By integrating these systems, building managers can see how well they’re working and which aspects of their buildings can be improved.


The GE IEMS Automation and Energy Management Panel (AEMS) is a comprehensive, intelligent automation and management system. Designed to help facilities meet their goals for energy efficiency, it offers advanced analytics, digital tools, and simulation software that improve efficiency and productivity. Its capabilities also help the panel adapt to changes in network configurations, load growth, and process evolution.

The IEMS automates and measures energy consumption and offers customizable functional solutions to meet specific application needs. Its capabilities include automated alerts, analysis of operational data, and optimization of energy consumption. It integrates with existing management systems and supports a variety of energy-intensive industries.

The GE IEMS team offers customized hardware, software, and services that enable facility managers to maximize efficiency and reliability. The company’s comprehensive line of electrical grid products and services also includes comprehensive support services. With the right tools and expertise, your facility can become more efficient and save money.

The General Electric IEMS is designed to monitor indoor environmental parameters, individual appliances, and electrical outlets. These systems allow you to access real-time information about your energy usage and provide alerts and recommendations via your smartphone. For convenience, you can also receive alerts via SMS or email when your energy usage reaches a critical level.

ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform

The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform is a smart and intuitive platform that delivers personalised occupant control to businesses and homes alike. It uses the same interfaces and technologies occupants have come to know and love. It offers a modern, compact solution that is easy to install and maintain, and it is fully customizable with a range of sensors and colour options.

The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform is built on a programmable logic controller that monitors various system parameters and controls appliances as per requirement. It also incorporates a hardware test to validate the concept and prove its efficiency. It can be applied to small and medium level domestic homes, reducing the unnecessary load on utility providers.

Electrical power control systems

LynTec Power Control systems are one of the leading manufacturers of electrical power control systems. They work closely with system designers to incorporate electrical protection and circuit switching capabilities into a single enclosure that simplifies the system’s operation. LynTec is an ideal choice for any facility that has complex power control requirements.

Whether you’re running an audio video system or an entire lighting system, LynTec’s systems are perfect for controlling all of your equipment. They enable you to turn equipment off or on when necessary, preventing power grid instability and saving money on your electric bill. Plus, these energy management systems integrate with IP browsers for easy setup and control. LynTec’s systems support DMX-512, sACN, and RS-232 protocols.

Lyntec Power Control systems

LynTec’s XPC power control systems are available in several different configurations. They range from standalone 20-amp cube enclosures to a hardwired vertical rack-mounted strip. Whether you need a more complex solution, LynTec’s XPC Power Control Mobile (RPCM) power distribution panels provide the flexibility to adapt and expand your power distribution needs.

LynTec Power Control systems are designed to increase your company’s energy efficiency. They’re simple to install, operate, and maintain, and they keep your energy bills at a manageable level. As the company continues to expand its business, the company is always looking for ways to innovate their power control systems.

LynTec’s RPC series panel is designed to make system buildout faster and reduce operating costs. It features up to 64 relays and enables you to control multiple zones. The RPC family also includes the RPC-v2 motorized circuit breaker panel. The NPAC rack-mounted relay panel is another option in this family.