When it involves watching online, the name of Fmovie comes first in every body’s mind. Fmovies has created a robust reputation in free online streaming that whenever someone wants to observe free best movies or TV shows online, they visit Fmovie. Fmovies is providing free movies and television shows streaming from fast servers. New videos and episodes of your favorite TV shows are available in Fmovies quickly than the other online movie or tv shows streaming website. Moreover, once you load a movie or show at FMovies, it loads from its fast servers very quickly, and therefore, the picture & sound quality of videos are amazing too.

Is FMovies blocked? Can’t access FMovies? Are you trying to find some best working movies proxy/mirror sites? If your answer is yes to at least one of those questions, you’re within the right place. Like today, I’m getting to reveal alternative ways to unblock movies and a list of official movies proxy sites. As you’ll see, there are some ways to unblock access to FMovies. Among all best FMovies Proxy and Mirror, websites are the most straightforward options as far I can tell. But, finding working FMovies proxy sites/mirrors isn’t that is easy.


Fortunately; FMovies staff and volunteers are running couple of FMovies proxy & Mirrors to supply free FMovies Access for everybody. These FMovies Proxy & Mirror sites contain the same data as of original fmovie.to. The sole difference is that they operate with a unique name.

In this article, you’ll discover 20+ fast working FMovies proxies and mirror sites and various other methods to unblock FMovies and watching movies for free of charge.

These are Fmovies proxy & mirror sites are created & maintained by Fmovies staff themselves of volunteers who need to unblock Fmovies for everybody (including internet users of the region where Fmovies is blocked). These Fmovies proxy sites content data,content, and index same as Fmovies movie streaming site, and you’ll always get the latest updates of Fmovies in these Fmovies clone sites too. So, albeit you can’t access Fmovies directly, using those Fmovies proxy sites, you’ll always have access to your favorite movie streaming site’s data.

How to Unblock FMovies

There are mainly two reasons why you’re unable to access FMovies. If the fmovies.to is up, but you’re unable to access means it’s blocked by your network or isp.

In that case, you’ll simply use a proxy site or TOR browser to unblock FMovies with none hassle.

If the location is permanently pack up, then you would like FMovies Mirror sites to access it. Below I even have provided an inventory of FMovies Proxy and Mirror sites, which are tried and tested for the purest online movie experience.

Scroll down below to seek out the movie list that’s providing the best

Scroll down below to find the movie list that is providing best FMovies alternatives.

Use the time to seek out the right free movie streaming site that ought to be placed on the list of top FMovies alternatives then suggest the movie site in the comments below.

Top Alternatives To FMovies

1. Download Hub

Download Hub is an alternative that is loved by a lot of people all around the world. This website allows you to download a specific series or move of your choice. Moreover, you can even enjoy TV shows on this website.

Even though it is not the best alternative to FMovies, you can still expect a lot with this website. The streaming quality of this website is highly noteworthy. Talking about the diversity in content, you can find anything from classic hits to the latest blockbusters on this website.

Furthermore, the website provides great uptime and a regularly updates link base. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about your favorite movie or series becoming non-existent on this website. With its prominent service, you’ll never need a paid streaming client.

Hence, make sure you give this website a try and enjoy the free-of-cost entertainment media available on the website. You’ll surely have a great experience that is worth sharing with all your friends and loved ones.

2. Movie Tube 

When it comes to diversification, nothing can beat the competency of Movie Tube. This website has a huge collection of both Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies. Moreover, the collection of movies is extremely large and you can always find your desired movie on the website.

The most prominent feature is that the website allows you to stream in different qualities. Therefore, if you are in short of data, you can just choose a lower quality and enjoy your desired movies without getting your data exhausted.

On top of that, this website is free to use and you don’t even have to pay a single penny to watch your favorite movie. You can even download your desired movie from the list of available titles on the website.

With the help of this website, you can also watch web series and TV shows of your choice. The default quality of streams is really good and detailed. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite media with the most prominent experience.

3. TinyZone

Just as the name says, this website is a tiny zone of all the amazing movies available for you to watch. On this website, you can find a lot of titles for absolutely free. Moreover, the website also allows you to download your desired title in high-quality and in numerous formats.

The user interface of this website is highly minimal and provides easy navigation. Therefore, you can always find your desired movie with ease on this website. The website also provides a menu bar with several categories to sort the movies based on interest.

You can even search for your favorite movie from the search bar available at the top of this website. Overall, this website has a great collection of movies from all around the world. Therefore, you can always find your favorite movie from the list of available titles. Hence, make sure you give this website a try and enjoy its numerous features.

4. MKV Movies Point 

MKV Movies Point is a website that has the most prominent user interface among all the other websites on the list. With this website, you can always expect a hassle-free and comfortable video streaming experience to watch your favorite movies with ease.

This website is a great alternate to FMovies because of its great diversification of web series, Tv shows, and Movies. On this website, you can find all the popular movies, Tv shows, as well as web series on the go.

As a cherry on the top, the website lets you sort everything based on language, category, genre, and popularity. Hence, you can customize the list based on your interests and make it easier for yourself to find your desired content on this website.

The website even provides suggestions based on your watch history. Hence, you can find relevant content all the time.

5. Onion Play 

Although you might have to face some technical bugs, Onion Play is a top gun in this list of FMovies alternates. This website is loved by a large number of users due to its amazing features and greater content. On this website, the possibilities of movie titles are just endless.

Talking about the quality of the streams, the website provides you the option to choose from your desired quality of titles. Therefore, if you want to stream your movies in high-quality, you can do it with ease. Moreover, if you want to save data, you can opt-in for lower quality streams.

Also, the website allows you to download your desired movie in a large number of formats. In this way, you can download your favorite movie in any format such as MKV, MP4, etc and choose the one that works for you the best.

So, ensure that you surely give this website a try and enjoy its seamless features and benefits.

6. Bob Movies 

Taking an interactive user-interface to the next level, this is a movie streaming website that provides a highly satisfactory user experience. It features countless movies and adult content as well. If you want to watch Hollywood movies then BobMovies is just the perfect deal for you.

Even though it is not popular among the users, this notorious website offers a lot to its users. For instance, the website provides a search bar that lets you search for all your favorite movies with ease. Moreover, you can even select from the variety of categories available on the website.

However, the website uses ads to get monetization for their services. Therefore, while watching your desired content, you may have to experience some ads in between your movies. But, in comparison to the services provided, it is rather a fair deal for the website.

Hence, if you are looking for quality entertainment with great diversity then this website is for you.

7. See HD 

As the name suggests, this website is a great alternate to FMovies that allows you to watch your favorite movies in high definition. Moreover, this website also allows you to watch tv shows as well as web series from a large number of streaming clients such as Netflix and Prime Video.

SeeHD offers a lot of features to its users. For instance, if you are fond of watching comedy movies, you can classify the list based on movies with comedy genre. Similarly, you can sort the movies based on your desired interest and genre.

On top of that, this website also allows you to download your favorite in the most prominent quality. Moreover, you can even choose the desired video format to download. Also, the list of available titles is very high and you have numerous options to choose from. Hence, you must try this website at least once to know more about it.

8. HD Popcorns 

Let those popcorns pop inside your microwave and enjoy your favorite binge-watch sessions with the help of this website. HD popcorns is your one-stop solution for all your movie-related needs. On this website, you can select from thousands of unique titles and watch your desired movie.

Talking about the streaming quality, the website works as an intermediate between the streaming client and the user. Therefore, the website has no control over the quality of the stream. However, it still manages to provide a great quality of stream of movies, tv shows, as well as web series.

You also get the option to download your favorite movie from the available titles. You get various options while downloading a movie. For example, you can set the video quality for download, the format of the video, and you can even select to just download the audio version of the media. Hence, this is a must-use website and you should surely try it.

9. 123EuroPix

With an extensive menu and a plethora of categories, 123EuroPix never fails to impress its users with top-notch services of video streaming. If you are a fan of classic hits then this website is certainly a great spot to hang out. There are over thousands of classic hits available on this website.

This website lets you register for an account and take part in discussions as well as threads. Moreover, you can also request your favorite movie on this website through your account. Moreover, when you register for an account, you can enjoy hassle-free streaming of movies.

This website also provides loads of famous TV shows as well as some prominent web series. The episodes are updated daily on the website and you can always catch up with your web series as soon as they are telecasted on tv. Moreover, the update speed is extremely fast-paced. Hence, this is by far the prominent alternative of FMovies.

10. Movie Watcher 

Just as the name suggests, if you are a keen movie watcher, you will surely fall in love with this website. It has thousands of titles and hundreds of TV shows to watch for free. Moreover, the content is updated regularly so you can always find something new with each visit.

The layout of this website is extremely praiseworthy because of its clean and minimal user interface. It provides a navigational menu with a greater classification of all the content available on the website. Hence, you can easily find your desired movie from the plethora of titles available.

If you find it hard to decide on something to watch, the website provides recommendations based on your searches as well as watch history. Therefore, with each visit, you will get a list of personalized titles to watch and have a great time binge-watching movies from around the world. So, make sure you give a nice shot to this website.

11. JustWatch 

Let’s have a quick quiz, what do you call a place where you can get both classic hits as well as latest blockbusters? Well, JustWatch is the name! This website is no less than a goldmine for all the people who love watching movies for endless hours. It provides millions of titles from all around the world.

Moreover, the titles are not just limited to movies produced by Hollywood. Rather, you can even find stuff from Bollywood on this website and watch your favorite movie. The same applies to web series as well. Hence, you can easily find anything that you want to watch through this website.

This website provides an excellent streaming quality and ensures that the user gets the most prominent experience out of their binge-watching. Not only this, but you can also download your favorite title and watch it completely offline in dozens of video formats as well as in customized quality.

12. HD Movies Maza 

Exclusively for the tangy fun of Bollywood movies, HD movies Maza is a great website to catch up with the latest hits straight from Bollywood. Even though this website also provides content from Hollywood, you will find more indie stuff on this website. So, if you are a Bollywood fan then this website is highly suggested for you.

The content on this website is updated regularly so you can get a lot of new stuff daily on this website. Talking about the quality of streams, the website always ensures that the titles updated on this website are always top-notch in terms of quality. So, you’ll always find HD content on this website.

Also, the website regularly published news related to movies and web series so you can also catch up on the latest happenings in the cinema world with the help of this website. Hence, this website is a combination of movie awesomeness that you can avail of by just visiting the website.

13. Two Movies 

Two Movies is yet another great alternative to FMovies. It resembles the layout as that of FMovies so the people who were missing the look and feel of FMovies can visit this website to feel a bit familiar. However, the content and titles on this website are quite lesser than that of FMovies.

But you can always rely upon this website for web series because it has got a great collection of web series and TV shows. Whether it is a game of thrones or friends, you can always get the latest episodes of all the web series with the help of this website.

Moreover, you can also download the episodes of a web series or the whole web series in bulk to watch it later. Furthermore, the website also provides a personalized feed of recommended movies as well as web series to help you decide on what to watch next after you finish a particular series.

14. Archive Movies 

Just like its name, this website is an archived collection of all the movies sorted in an orderly manner. Although you cannot directly stream with Archive Movies, you can easily download your desired movie without any hassle with the help of this alternative of FMovies.

There is a lot of content on this website that is categorized in the year of release. Moreover, you can surely find your desired movie from the list of all the available titles. There are numerous categories as well that you can choose to find your desired movie on the website.

You can even use the search function to find your favorite movie from thousands of titles and download them right away on your personal computer. The quality of the videos is always high definition and you will have a great experience while using this website.