The Indian government has open sourced the code for the Android app of Aarogya Setu app. A few weeks ago few of the experts raised concerns about the privacy issues, so now the NITI Aayog has open sourced the code of the app.

Recently, the contact tracing app has crossed 10 crore registered users. NITI Aayog has released the source code of Aarogya Setu app, which is used by 98% of its total users. The government has plans to get the open source the code of its iOS and KaiOS versions later.

“Government has also launched a Bug Bounty Programme with a goal to partner with security researchers and Indian developer community to test the security effectiveness of Aarogya Setu and also to improve or enhance its security and build user’s trust.”

The government will give a reward of Rs.1 lakh to the developers who will get the security vulnerabilities in the app. Moreover, the government will give the reward of Rs.1 Lakh for improvements in Code.

All the details of the bug bounty program are available on the government’s My Gov website.

Kant said the source code for the Android version would be available for review. The source code for the iOS version of the app is coming in two weeks and the server code will be released afterwards.