Data Recovery Tools helps you to recover corrupted or deleted data from numerous storage devices. You can use this software to retrieve files, documents, videos, pictures, and more. These applications support numerous standard file formats like PNG, RTF, PDF, HTML, JPG, MP3, etc. Keep in mind, that whilst data recovery software can certainly assist with logical files deletion, it may not help you in the case of a hard drive failure. In such cases, it is imperative you consult the expertise of a professional data recovery service like this one to give you the best shot at recovering your lost data. 

Following is a handpicked list of Top Data Recovery Tools, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

1) Wise Data Recovery

Wise data recovery is a system utility tool that helps you to restore deleted photo or file. You can get all your important data from the removable drive or local computer. This tool supports data recovery from FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) disk, etc.


  • It allows you to select file types before scanning.
  • This tool shows the details and recoverability of the files before starting the recovery process.
  • Wise data recovery portable version helps you to retrieve essential data without installing it.
  • It is compatible with all windows versions.
  • You can get your lost videos, documents, emails, etc.

2) Recuva

Recuva is a program developed by Piriform to recover files on your hard drive, memory cards, floppy disks, iPod or MP3 player, etc. It can also retrieve data from newly formatted or damaged drives.


  • You can restore unsaved word documents.
  • It supports every version of Windows and 40 languages.
  • This tool provides easy to use a wizard to get your file back.
  • It has a deep scan mode that finds traces of files you have accidentally deleted.
  • You can recover emails from Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • It enables you to retrieve essential data from a deleted or damaged disk.

3) Disk Drill

Disk Drill is an app that provides a useful way to attempt recovery of permanently deleted files. It allows users to browse, search, and preview or read deleted files from NTFS and FAT volumes. This tool supports flash drives, memory cards, and hard drives.


  • It scans and recovers all file formats.
  • It has a modern user interface that helps you to get your recovered data fast.
  • This data recovery program offers functionality using which you can improve your data recovery result.
  • Disk Drill helps you to recover whole hard disk partition.
  • It provides filtering options that help you to find media and other files effortlessly.

4) Unformat

Unformat hard drive is a software utility tool to solve almost all data loss situations. It helps you to recover deleted files on a disk even after using the format command.


  • You can restore formatted HDD (Hard Disk Drive), Memory Cards, and USB Flash disks.
  • The advanced version of this tool enables you to recover Windows, Apple, Unix, and Linux file systems.
  • You can get your data from the memory card.
  • It has easy to use interface design.

5) Active UNERASER

Uneraser is a freeware, undelete tool that can recover deleted files and folders. It also recovers Windows and other operating systems. This program display both physical and logical drive information.


  • You can undelete damaged volumes and partitions.
  • It helps you to get data from accidentally erased data from HDD, SSD (Solid State Drive), SD card, and USB drive.
  • You can unerase data from disk images.
  • It enables you to scan and recovers disk partitions damaged by a virus.
  • Uneraser contains two types of device and drives scan, Basic and Thorough.

6) Active Boot Disk Lite

Boot Disk is a tool that helps you to recover data from hard disk, CD, DVD, USB flash drive, etc. You can use this tool to reset your local user password. It provides a visible representation of folder or file recoverability.


  • You can save deleted files & data on formatted or deleted volumes.
  • It enables you to create a disk image for logical as well as physical drives.
  • Recovered files and folders can be saved on a network or local drive.
  • This tool supports drag and drop facility for deleted file recovery.
  • Active boot disk Lite can detect deleted primary partitions and logical drives.

7) TestDisk

TestDisk is an open-source data recovery tool that is designed to recover unerase deleted files and lost partition. You can use it to restore any file if it is removed due to virus or human error.


  • It can fix the partition table and recover deleted partition.
  • This data recovery software can undelete files from exFAT, FAT, as well as the NTFS file system.
  • TestDisk supports DOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.
  • It can fix MFT (Master File Table) using the backup of the first 4 NTFS system files.

8) Active UNDELETE

Active UNDELETE is a tool that helps you to restore deleted files and folders from logical drives. It supports numerous operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, Vista, and XP.


  • You can recover data from HDD, SSD, digital camera, USB drives, and more.
  • It enables you to store docs, images, video, audio, ebooks, email, etc.
  • This tool can scan for deleted partitions.
  • You can scan for files by their signatures.
  • The latest edition of active undelete provides wizards for restoring files easily.

9) CD Recovery Toolbox

CD Recovery Toolbox can scan any DVD or CD and finds files and folders. It enables you to select a specific folder to recover. This program can quickly recover information in the damaged file.


  • You can recover information from CD or DVD.
  • It can retrieve files larger than 4 GB.
  • CD Recovery Toolbox can detect a lack of free space.
  • You can access this tool for unlimited time
  • It can locate files and folders available on CD.

10) PCInspector

PCInspector can recover any file with the original time and date. This disk data recovery tool facilitates saving on a network drive. It supports PNG, RTF, PDF, HTML, JPG, MP3, etc. formats.


  • It supports numerous languages, including English, French, and German.
  • This tool provides help in HTML.
  • PCInspector can find partitions automatically, even if the boot sector is damaged.

11) WinHex

WinHex is a professional data recovery software that helps you to get your deleted files. It has automatic recovery mode for FAT12, FAT16, etc. drives. This program can be used on any file system and recovers all files at a time.


  • It supports JPG, PNG, BMP, XML, ZIP, and PDF file types.
  • You can recover files by name.
  • It has an automated function that helps you to use existent file headers (signatures at the beginning of any file).

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