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Virtual Phone Numbers As One Of The Best Tools For Online Privacy


Online privacy has been underestimated for years. However, recently, in light of the growth in the number of scammers, it has become an increasingly important thing for internet users from all over the world. Nowadays there are not many of those who would not or already protecting their privacy while surfing the internet with different tools. One of them is virtual phone numbers. Being a relatively new feature it is already appreciated by many people and even commercial companies from different fields of activity for its convenience and efficiency of use.

How do virtual phone numbers help to protect privacy?

The main and most popular use case for virtual phone numbers is creating additional accounts on social media sites, email services, and other types of websites. So, at first glance, their positive impact on privacy is not very noticeable. But in reality, this is a very effective tool in this regard, which has long been used by people who for some reason wish to preserve their anonymity while using various online services. There are a few noticeable reasons for this:

  • No need to use your own phone number. Virtual phone numbers make it unnecessary and, as a result, totally hidden from the unwanted attention of other users. This is especially useful in the case apps for sending instant messages such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on as they provide an option to see the phone numbers of other people.
  • No connections with the real phone number of the user. Receiving spam messages and calls is no longer an issue with a virtual phone number. Even if it gets leaked there is nothing to worry about. Since it is not connected with a real phone number and intended to receive text messages only from specific apps while the calls are not even supported, there is no way to disturb its user by any means.
  • No possibility of tracking. It is not possible to find out where exactly the user of the virtual phone number is located. Especially since there is nothing wrong with activating VoIP phone numbers from different countries while located in the same place. You can use the phone number with a Thailand or Malaysia dialing code when living in the US or anywhere else. Moreover, it is even recommended to use this feature in exactly this way as it guarantees more privacy and anonymity.

It is also important to add, that unlike the case with purchasing a new SIM card, there is no need to provide any personal information to buy and activate a virtual phone number. The only thing that anyone would need to provide is an email address while creating an account on the SMS verification platform. But no one says that it cannot be a burner one. So users are already guaranteed privacy at the very beginning.

The legality of using virtual phone numbers

Those who find out about virtual phone numbers for the first time are often wondering if it is safe and, most important, legal to use. We can ensure that there is nothing to worry about. Not any country in the world has restricted using virtual mobile numbers for creating accounts on social media and dating sites, online stores, instant messengers, and other apps. It is enough to look at the fact that companies whose activities are regulated by many laws actively use them in their work to understand this. So their users are not doing anything prohibited at all.

Platform to get a private virtual phone number

Providing virtual phone numbers for receiving verification codes from different online apps is a relatively new type of business without big competition. However, despite this, this industry already has a few established and reliable companies on the market. SMS activation platform SMS-Man is one of them without any doubt.

Using their website anyone can obtain virtual phone numbers in a few hundred countries and after that use them to sign up for accounts on various online projects including those that are in high demand such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, and others. The choice is huge and suitable for completing or fulfilling all the possible goals and needs.

The process of getting virtual phone numbers with this platform is simple. You don’t have to do anything but complete a simple registration using an email address or social media network account. As a result, all the features that are represented on the website will become available for purchasing and using. Except for getting a disposable phone number this service also provides an option to rent a virtual phone number for a fixed period of time up to one month on the according tab and receive on it an unlimited amount of verification codes from any apps.

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