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Offshore software development companies have set their own benchmark and are diversifying their market and operational area with each passing day. There are different ways in which a company can handle your work, and there are various models that they may follow as per your needs.

A client partner relationship is not all about signing a deal and getting started with it; there are various other things that you may have to look up to before proceeding for the handshake. Apart from the handing over and taking over the project, you may also be required to pick on a model according to your project’s size and budget to reap long-term benefits.

3 Offshore Business Models Used in the World

So are you still confused about which model to pick on? Read further to have a quick understanding of the top three software models that prevails in the offshore development marketplace.

1. OSDC classic

It is one of the most popular and widely used Offshore software models followed by a software development team and is usually headed by a project manager who looks into all the tits and bits of the project development chores.

Further, the team is selected based on the technological and business knowledge they possess to complete your project on time. While making the selection, the required skill set is kept at the top priority. Accordingly, the team members are given an entry into the team to assure the client to get value for their money invested in software development.

Further, when the software development work starts, the team members maintain continuous contact with the clients to ensure that everything falls at the right place, and there is no room for discrepancies or disagreement. Thus, from the very initial point, the dedicated team works in line with the client’s business needs and wishes to transform their dreams into a reality.

Getting connected with an offshore software development company that makes use of the OSDC classic model can give you all bang for your bucks because you can reach out to them at any point of time and take the updates regarding the project. Also, you can request for any kind of changes and adjustments if you are not happy with the work. The business owners can also seek offshore team advice and help to fix any technical issues that may creep up during software development.

2. OSDC Branded

This Offshore software model is well suited for businesses that wish to have full control over the software development organization. In such cases, where the OSDC branded model is used, the company strives to provide the brand presence of its esteemed clients. It ensures that your location is the same as of the OSDC model operation location for ease of operation.

Further, all the operational issues are taken care of by the OSDC, which is inclusive of addressing regulatory requirements, addressing legal requisites, infrastructure, human resources, etc. The OSDC branded model helps in shielding the client from any kind of operational risks and helps in efficient software development that can well fit the client’s requisite frame.

3. OSDC trust

Clients who are in search of higher levels of confidentiality and security can consider picking on this model for their software outsourcing requirements. The OSDC trust model ensures the clients of security and deploys all the security factors during software development so that their valuable data is not leaked in any way.

For clients who have sensitive projects that need eminent data security should opt for the OSDC trust model to get their software developed secretly with the confidentiality remaining between just the two parties – the client and the developer. Proprietary software and other similar software can be developed using the OSDC trust model.

Companies that use the OSDC trust model ensure that the dedicated team is exclusively deployed for a particular client’s project. They also ensure that the staff works for the client company from a restricted or you can say a secret location that is not situated in the premises of the offshore development center.

Further, care is taken that the specific team is not handed over with any other work and dedicatedly works on a single client’s project until the work completion. Also, the team members are bound by a certain set of rules that govern them and restrict them from sharing any piece of information about the project to their fellow workers or any other person who may misuse the details and data.

So the information regarding the project is only known to the staff who is working on the project and no one else. Picking on the OSDC trust model is highly beneficial as you can have peace of mind and be assured of the project’s confidentiality.


These top three popular offshore software models are designed to meet the needs of different clients; depending on your needs, you can pick anyone to get your software developed by an offshore development company. However, you have to be very wise on your software development company selection as they are the ones who can help you generate profits in the long run.

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