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Top 3 Modern Ways to Handle Employee Time Theft in 2021


Theft at work does not always involve people stealing something physical- it is not always cheating with files and money physically. However, in recent years, the practice of time theft among employees at work has been increasing. What do we mean by time theft? The employee is simply not actually putting in the position during the hours they are being clocked in and paid for.

For instance, according to the work contract, one is supposed to start working at 8 am but fails to come to work until noon. Furthermore, people might record the time wrongly in their sign-in sheets or take too frequent breaks at work. These may look relatively minor but can be pretty harmful to your business.

Do not worry- we have got some tips for you to handle such employee time theft in the world of today. It is essential to get things under your control to increase productivity and find better way to manage employees and pay them justly. You can use these 12 tips to make a better time management plan before it is late.

We have listed our top 3 modern ways of handling employee time theft here.

1. Controlled Use of Company Data

Sometimes companies are naïve enough to give access to all the critical and confidential documents to their employees. It can be pretty harmful to risk your competitors getting all your data and plans through an insider at your business.

This is why you can take the help of USB flash drives that can control the data a person can access and prevent data leakage. You can specify who gets access to which files and under what circumstances. There is software that can notify you when those files are being transferred elsewhere or someone unauthorized attempting to access them.

2. Tracking/Monitoring Social Media Presence of Employees

You might not know, but there are instances where employees have been found defaming their company or selling their company information on various social media platforms. This can be harmful to the image and the business’s presence in the online world and beyond. Instead of increasing awareness of brands, employees can share toxic materials while being at work.

You can get the service of several monitoring and tracking software that can keep an eye on the activity of your employees using your company devices at work. These tools can allow you to get notifications about specific keystrokes made by the employees, including using your company name or mentioning it somewhere. You can then check where or in what context your business is being mentioned. You can also add a list of some words that can be rated as offensive language associated with your business’s name.

3. Protecting Corporate Data

There can be instances where vital data of your company might be deleted by an employee. This can mean a massive loss to your company. To avoid such cases, it can be an idea to restrict employees’ access to specific data and files and monitor the authorization of confidential files. You can decide to screen record for those tabs as well.

Concluding Remarks

When you take the issue of employee time theft seriously and make policies to contain such a problem, ensuring that your employees know a more disciplined method of working, you are likely to benefit from more responsible employees and hence more transparency at work, thereby leaving no room for mistrust. 

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