How to Delete POF? [2021]

POF stands for plenty of is a dating app. Mostly this app is used for single people. This app is available at a cheap price. This app connects one person to another. It creates a multiple conversion with multiple people.

In 2003, Plenty of fish was very easy to use, and it has a very low budget. It is used all around the world. In 2019,150 million people used this app. Login in POF apps doesn’t need any subscription or anything else. Just need to log in to these apps.

However, Plenty of fish provides facilities to remove the permanent account. Moreover, if you want to hide from plenty of apps for some time. Then you deactivate for some time from plenty app. And again active your account.

If you want to delete your plenty app account. It means you go back permanently. If you delete your profile then, you will lose all previous conversations, connections, and pictures.

Therefore, delete your profile from POF, don’t simply delete the app. However, the user also needs to delete your personal information on a web browser.

Delete POF accounts manually:

  • Firstly, login into plenty of fish or website’s at last time.
  • At the top of the screen, select the help from the menu bar.
  • Select the remove file option from the menu.
  • Then click your plenty of fish profile.
  • After that, Type your username or password.
  • Then click on confirm, you delete your POF account or profile from the POF app or website.
  • Finally, your profile or account deletes permanently from the POF app or website.
  • Even that you’re all data like that images, conversation, and everything else delete.

Delete POF Profile or accounts from web Browser:

  • First, Open or POF app.
  • Then, Sign in to your account.
  • In the middle of the page, click on the help center menu.
  • After that, click on the view topic.
  • Then click on the Profile account.
  • Click on removing your plenty fish account.
  • At the last of the page, click on click here, and go away to the next page.
  • Then a new page opens and clicks on the confirmation of delete plenty of Fish account.
  • At last, delete your plenty of fish account and also delete your all personal information.

Delete POF Profile or accounts from IOS:

Delete plenty of fish account from IOS is different from other android POF, the app does not have the option to delete an account. So, to delete or uninstall the app does not delete your account. Delete plenty fish of account the following steps are required:

  • In iPhone or iPad, delete the POF profile, click on the setting.
  • Then select iTunes or App Store.
  • After that Click on Subscription.
  • Select POF subscription from the menu.
  • Then, cancel the subscription.

Delete your account or profile from iPhone or iPad permanently and also delete your all personal information.

Delete POF Profile or accounts from Android:

First of all, Delete plenty of fish accounts from android, mostly the same as iPhone. There is little difference between android or android, cells also need to delete accounts or profiles. Profile does not delete to delete or uninstall plenty of fish of app. There are following changes are requires that are followed:

  • Delete Plenty fish of account or profile goes on Google play app store on your mobile.
  • After that open, the Google Play app store, click on the subscription from the menu.
  • Select your subscription POF from the list.
  • Then, cancel the subscription.

In addition, Delete your account or profile from your android phone permanently and also delete your all personal information.

Hide your Plenty of Fish Profile:

After login into plenty of fish app, if you want some space or break from this account or profile, then you hide your account from plenty of fish app. Some peoples want to save their memories then, they hide your profile also hide your plenty of fish account. To hide your account from plenty of fish app. Some steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, Open the website or POF app.
  • After open, the app or website, click on edit profile at the top of the page.
  • Then show the profile visibility, two options have appeared.
  • One is a show profile and the other is a hidden profile.
  • Click on hide profile.
  • And, then hide your profile.

After hiding your profile, no one can see there your profile or data in the search bar. When you want to back in plenty of fish app, then active or show your profile in plenty of fish app.

Active hide profile on POF:

If you want to go again on plenty of fish app. Then, you activate your profile. And people search from the search bar and show your data on your profile.

After deleting profile:

After deleting the account on the plenty of fish app. If you want to back on the plenty fish app. It is not possible to enter with your previous account or profile. Because after deleting an account or profile on plenty of fish app, not possible to recover the previous account.

However, you never found your previous data or personal information. Therefore, if you want again to log in to plenty of fish app, you need to log in with a new account or profile.

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In conclusion, above we discussed how the can user Delete the POF account. However, u can easily delete this POF app by following the abovementioned instructions. Hoped this small helped u a lot…

Stay safe and be positive!!!


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