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You spent months developing your app, and finally, your app is now live on the app stores. 

Now what?

An app doesn’t work on the “build and forget” mechanism. It needs regular maintenance to meet users’ expectations. 

Here’s a quick guide to how you can choose the best mobile app maintenance services for your application.  

What is mobile app maintenance?

Mobile app maintenance consists of deploying necessary measures to ensure the seamless functioning of a mobile app. Maintaining a mobile app is essential to make sure it is working properly and providing the desired experience to its users. 

Mobile app maintenance services are of the following types:

  • Emergency maintenance: Support against sudden, unanticipated problems
  • Perfective maintenance: Functional modifications as per user feedback
  • Adaptive maintenance: Updating the system to keep up with the changing environment
  • Preventive maintenance: To reduce and eliminate the probability of occurrence of errors
  • Corrective maintenance: Repairing of faults and errors in design, coding, or logic

Why do you need mobile app maintenance?

Whether you have an enterprise or commercial app, keeping an eye on its maintenance is critical. Here’s why you should focus on the long-term support of your mobile app. 

So that your app doesn’t get abandoned: App stores have different guidelines that you need to follow. Otherwise, the app could get blacklisted. For instance, when Apple released iOS 11, it stopped supporting 32-bit apps. Mobile maintenance services ensure your app stays up to date with regards to the latest requirements. 

To avoid downtimes: What if your app, that generates over $1 million in sales each month, suddenly faces downtime? And worse, what if you couldn’t fix it immediately? A mobile app development company makes sure your app stays up 24/7 without running into severe downtimes. 

Security from cyber threats: The risk of cyberattacks is on the rise. Hackers are on a constant lookout for loopholes in the security of mobile apps. App maintenance services deploy the latest security protocols to protect your app from potential cyber threats. 

Changing user preferences: User preferences change with time, and to stay competitive, you’ll need to address the problems they’re facing. App maintenance plays a vital role in keeping user preferences your top priority, thereby encouraging more traffic and higher rating from users. 

Competitive edge: In a competitive mobile app market, you need to monitor your solutions frequently. Mobile app maintenance services ensure your app remains bug-free and provides the best possible user experience. 

How to select the best mobile app maintenance and support provider?

Mobile app support and maintenance is not a one-time task but a long-term process. Therefore, it is critical to choose the best provider for maintaining your mobile application. Consider the following factors when looking for an app maintenance provider.


One of the best indicators of a good mobile app development company is for how long they’ve been in business. The more experienced a company is, the more quickly, easily, and accurately they’ll understand your requirements and challenges. That doesn’t mean you can’t work with startups. Sometimes, new companies might provide excellent results, whereas veteran providers may fail to deliver. But working with someone who has significant industry experience is usually a wise decision.   

Word of mouth

So, you look for a service on the internet, find a provider with good ratings, and hire them to eventually find out that they suck at what they do. Not that you should not trust online reviews, but they can sometimes be deceiving. In order to understand what value a mobile app development company can bring to your table, talk to some of their previous clients. Get in touch with their long-term clients and ask for an honest review. If the mobile app development company has served its client well over the years, you are likely to hear good reviews. 


You might be tempted to go for a cheaper service provider available in a different timezone than yours. If you’re looking to hire an app maintenance company from timezone, always consider if they’ll be able to provide urgent support if needed. Some issues are unavoidable, but you should have peace of mind that they’ll be resolved immediately. 

Tools and technologies

Another aspect to consider is the tools and technology the service provider uses. Ask the provider about the tools they use and see if they can align with your app’s maintenance requirements. 


One of the significant downsides of outsourcing your work is a lack of effective communication. Before hiring a provider, make sure they’re proficient in your language so that you stay on the same page throughout the project. Also, look for a provider who appreciates clear and concise communication. 


The way you maintain your app can determine its success or failure in the long term. So, make sure to conduct proper research before hiring a mobile app maintenance services provider for mobile app support.  

Author’s Bio:

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on the mobile application. He works in a leading mobile app development company with skilled iOS and Android app developers that have developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.