Almost any type of business operation relies a lot on communication and interaction between workers. These days, with the help of remote teamwork, real-time group work, and tech support for getting a larger commercial scale, a business can reach its goals faster and be more efficient overall.

However, those cool technologies to help them thrive are not born overnight. To work out a good solution that stands the test of time and meets all needs of companies, they are being developed, tested, and improved by professionals. This is true for every sphere of life that includes a tech component. From medicine to sales, the right product can help you move mountains. 

Benefits of Pieces of Software Developed Specifically for Your Business

For any firm that belongs to the area of commercial, there is a range of pluses to infer from using salesforce development services. Those that shine the brightest include:  

Ensuring greater security & minimizing fraud liability. 

Being involved in e-commerce means that sensitive data will be mentioned at some point. For the enhanced protection of this information, Salesforce devs leverage their security measures in compliance with the latest security standards.  

Helping a business stand firm and grow. 

Imagine having an app that meets all your needs and makes work seamless. Apps come in handy both when you want to cope with small tasks and reach strategic goals and when Salesforce CRM alone doesn’t appear enough. By meticulous work on apps, testing, and perfecting each feature, Avenga delivers great results. Excellent UI/UX design will make the application function as intended, scaling up the customer flow and visitor-to-customer conversion. 

Improving the speed and cost-effectiveness of business operations. 

Having an AppExchange app always leads to improved swiftness and affordability of operations. This being said any size of business can benefit from such software. Scaling up and down is no issue for a team of pros, and coming up with great features to make clients stay. 

In addition, it is always a better idea to turn to the same tried and true team instead of finding a new assistant every time. This allows you to save up funds from your budget. 

Continuous and follow-up support. 

As a rule, hiring a Salesforce development team means receiving ongoing guidance in every sphere related to the software, including making a new application when a need arises, tech consulting you to find the best solution for specific situations, and building products to reach the desired results.

The team will take care of the system of apps while you can devote your attention entirely to business goals. Application support, infrastructure maintenance, staff services, customer experience, and more belong here.   

All of that in the complex will have you automate most of the mundane activities, such as making invoices, reaching out to new markets, getting client feedback, tracking their preferences and matching goods with them, and personalizing the processes of choosing and purchasing.  

What Functionality to Look for in a Salesforce Application

If you find yourself in the stage when you still can’t think of a feature or additional functionality to implement, we might come up with ideas. These are things you can aim for in an app. 

Form filling. 

Form apps appear great when you want to gather information about the client, get feedback, learn about their goals and preferences, and anything else. 

Email integration. 

Although a CRM system can handle email messaging pretty well, there is a completely different level if you use advanced apps. This will let you have customizable synchronization, speed up interaction, and integrate emails with any other app. 


In case your business relies on making contracts remotely, it’s nice to think of bringing eSignature apps to your collection. Some apps of this type will also come with document generation and editing features. 

‘Change intelligence.’ 

As an advanced user who wants to delve into the sphere of marketing and growth even more, you will find change intelligence apps great. Their sense is letting you see how exactly introducing this, or that new feature is going to impact the key and background processes in the business. 

They are based on impact and process analysis. This simple feature can make a huge difference in how you view novelties and help you see the future. 


One of the key features to look for in an application is seamless payment in versatile ways. Paying online and being sure of the security of the chosen way will make the customer experience so much better. 

2 Main Challenges Are There In Creating Software for eCommerce? 

While creating apps to help businesses perform their tasks and fulfill strategies is super important, there are big obstacles every dev team needs to overcome. To this list belong: 

  • Making apps compatible with multiple devices. 

This may happen due to a wrong choice of dimensions and resolutions. This has to do with screen sizes and also different operating systems. It usually takes to do the work twice when devising apps for Android and iOS science development procedures and UI/UX frameworks are not the same. If the app fails in this, it won’t get successful within your team and among users. 

  • Performance. 

In simple form, this runs without sudden crashes and bugs, not requiring much space or ‘eating up’ the battery life. For the sake of fixing and avoiding errors either in the future or at the current moment, devs do a lot of testing all over again. Testing belongs to the after-development phase or finalization. Side by side with fixing problems, there is also maintenance work after the release. 

Updating apps is crucial to keep them ‘alive’ and fully functional. In addition, the key to great performance lies in using new development technologies. Outdated ways to implement code would lead to failures.  

Luckily, you can get the team that works for you from the beginning till the end. Avenga is a company for consulting and technical assistance, providing personalized digital solutions to match a range of needs. Banking and financial services, automotive and insurance, pharmacy, and life sciences belong to its spectrum of work spheres. 

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