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A Comprehensive Guide on Terra Airdrop


It’s a new year, and you are probably thinking of new ways of investing Luna or any other cryptocurrency you are holding. Well, Terra airdrop is a good earning opportunity for those who invest on the Terra platform. It is an interesting and new way of earning extra coins. In most cases, these airdrops are rewarded to Luna stakers in the form of tokens. It is just that simple to stake your coins and in return receive dividends. With that in mind, let’s look at a comprehensive guide on Terra airdrop.  

What Is Terra Airdrop? 

As mentioned above, this is a new project launched by Terra that enables cryptocurrency investors, mostly Luna stakers, to earn by simply performing simple tasks such as advertising on social media and so on. On top of that, Terra participants get a lifetime opportunity to participate in the company’s events such as elections and voting for new board members. 

As a reward or dividend, one unlocks Terra airdrop in the form of tokens known as TERN or Terra tokens. Per task, you are compensated with up to 50 Terra tokens, which you can exchange on crypto platforms for various cryptocurrencies if you desire. On top of that, you receive a Terra wallet to store all your digital assets. 

Methods for Obtaining Terra Tokens

Are you wondering how you are going to obtain Terra tokens? Here are examples of places you can visit to receive terra tokens. 

  • Get Terra tokens by visiting the Loop Markets platform – This is a cryptocurrency platform just like others that supports Terra airdrop services. It opens ways for investors to participate in various events and in return receive Terra tokens in their wallets. If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency this year, don’t let Loop out of your sight because this is the best platform to start from. 
  • Perform various tasks – As mentioned above, the various tasks may include advertising the platform on social media, participating in events, and so on. By doing this, you will promote the company’s name and be rewarded for it. 

Advantages of Terra Airdrop   

There are numerous benefits one can get with Terra airdrops. Here are a few. 

  • Terra airdrop is supported by various cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum and Bitcoin; it is connecting cryptocurrencies. With Terra tokens, one can exchange them for various cryptocurrencies without having to worry about rules and losses. 
  • You can stake your coins and still earn extra coins. As a crypto investor, you need to be able to think out of the box and come up with ideas that will benefit you. With Terra airdrop, one can earn more Terra tokens by simply locking their cryptocurrencies, especially Luna, and receiving payment. 


Cryptocurrency is heading to an even brighter future. With services such as Terra airdrops, we are expecting a lot from the coming years. If you are staking your crypto, it is time you receive payment for that. If interested, read the above article to learn more about how Terra tokens are changing the way investors are investing and so much more. 

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