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5 Best Free VPN for Gaming in 2021

Free VPN for Gaming

With the best free gaming VPN in 2020, it is easier to use the internet more securely by keeping one’s identity anonymous. Most VPNs require their users to lay monthly to use a secure network; however, certain other VPN providers provide connections for free.

The only issue with free VPN is the lack of quality. There are only a few VPN that provides better quality. Even VPN which is considered the best also has limited data and speed capacity. Some providers limit the function of the application on purpose to persuade users to opt for a monthly subscription program.

5 Best VPN for Gaming in 2021

It gives some suggestions regarding the use of free VPN and recommendations regarding some of the best free VPN in 2021 this article.

Free products and services are always dangerous and people who use free services like free wi-fi make their data vulnerable to hacking. The same is the case with a free VPN subscription. If it does not take money, it takes something else more valuable and personal. For instance, they accuse a free VPN like Hola of selling data connections to other customers. Some VPN providers spy on their customers to know which websites they are using so they could sell the data to a marketing agency. That’s why it’s so important to check VPN deals and user reviews to see which of these providers are reliable. Take a look at vpnonline.com for the providers you can check out. In short, by using VPN a person thinks he is securing his network connection but in reality, he is further putting his data by using a free VPN which makes his personal information exposed to hackers masquerading.

We consider proton VPN to be one of the most reliable, trustworthy, and convenient VPN to date. It has no data limit and keeps solid security features. It offers Torrents and Netflix simultaneous connections. Proton VPN is undoubtedly one of the best VPN services available for free. It renders software that is user-friendly and all the applications have top-class encryption. One of the chief advantages of proton VPN is the absence of a data cap, which is a feature peculiar to it only. This VPN works well on all devices: It works with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and even certain routers.

Occasionally, this VPN even succeeds in accessing Netflix as well. However, Netflix is constantly making an effort to remove VPN streaming thus there is no guarantee whether this VPN would work or not.


Proton VPN does not have any fake or artificial speed limit, yet the connection speed can be quite low sometimes. The reason behind it, however, is the huge number of people consuming the limited number of VPN servers. It is natural for the server to go down when the number of users is enormous.

Secondly, Proton VPN does not support torrent downloads which implies that one is unable to download any files from torrent sites when one connects with free proton VPN.

Thirdly, the free version of this VPN gives access to servers in only three different locations; that is, three servers in the US; three in Japan; three in the Netherlands. This limited selection could be problematic for some users.

2. Hide. me

It is another trustworthy and reliable VPN and is quite renowned around the globe. This VPN provides free as well as a paid subscription. The free subscription renders access to five servers: One in the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany whereas the other two in the US.  It provides access to Torrent as well as Netflix.

One of the positive aspects of hiding. me VPN is the fact that it is a zero-logs VPN; i.e., it does not store users’ online activities and ensures complete privacy. Moreover, the free version offers 24/7 customer support internetprivatsphare

Previously, it was not allowed to use free torrent, but now the policy has been changed and now the users can go on to download torrents using a free subscription. Moreover, Hide.me works well with all kinds of operating systems; for example, Windows, iOs, Mac OS, and Android as well. Enjoy it as the best free VPN mac 2020. 


The free version of this VPN has limited data of 10GB per month. People, who like to stream, reach the limit quite quickly. In such a situation, Proton VPN serves the purpose. Moreover, unlike Proton VPN, it can only protect one device at a time. However, this limitation can be removed by registering multiple accounts.

3. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN proves to be another best free VPN 2020. Its interface is convenient, immaculate, and easy to use. It offers such a style peculiar to it only and is unique. This VPN can easily be navigated and its installation process is also easy, quick, and basic. In terms of security and encryption, TunnelBear VPN is top-notch. Unlike the VPN servers, with TunnelBear, almost 20 servers are available and one has a free choice of selecting from the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, France, Brazil, Italy, and even India.


One of the only disadvantages of it is its data limit, as one can only get 500MB per month. People with streaming activities often surpass the data limit. For increasing the data limit, they need to get a paid subscription.

4. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is being one of the most decent VPN. It can work with almost all operating systems and devices. This VPN is amazing in terms of security, as there has been no incident regarding the security breach issues. Its software is quite user-friendly and the applications can be installed easily as best free VPN chrome 2021. We can use it on many devices at a time.


It has a data limit of 500 per month. However, the solution to it is also available in the form of sharing an email address with Windscribe and verifying it later. It is a payment system. One has to pay to get more data limits. There are chances that we might use the email address for marketing.

5. Zoog VPN

Zoog VPN offers different encryption protocols and works on Windows, Mac, and Apple.


One setback of this VPN is that we can use it on 1 device at a time and the free servers face problems when the VPN has traffic.


Getting the best free VPN in 2021 means that you can easily access the diadiktiokaiasfalia that are blocked in your territory by changing the IP address. The list provided above would help you get through the blocked links. It isn’t hard to find the right choice for your usage. There can be free and paid versions both available. It is up to your personal needs which one suits your needs the most.