Runns is a Swedish clothing brand run by Erika and Daniel. It is located in the town of Sommen in Smaland and specializes in clothing with tv and movie themes. Products include klockor and fickur, as well as t-shirts and hoodies.


If you are learning English, idioms are important to know. You will encounter these expressions in conversation and in written texts. They don’t always make sense when used literally, and you will need to understand what they mean. In addition to being useful, learning English idioms can be fun.

“Whiten dirty money” is a common expression used by drug dealers and criminals. It refers to someone who goes all out and doesn’t hold back. It also means someone who is energetic and dynamic. It also means that the person who uses this expression does so at the expense of something else.

This idiom is often misunderstood. Some people mishear this expression as a primer for rock. The correct phrase is Jai kuin kalliolle. The long-tailed ducks are migratory birds, so they leave later than other birds. But they are grumpy first thing in the morning.

In the long run, you will have a better chance of getting a better night’s sleep if you buy a good mattress. If you buy a good mattress, you’ll have good sleep and health for a long time. And if you buy a good mattress, you’re securing your future.


The word runns (pronounced runn-see) has an Old English root, which is related to the German rennen (meaning “to run”) and the Gothic rannjan (meaning “to stand,” meaning to compete in a race). In the late 14th century, the word was also used for competing in an election or contest for office.

Common usage has multiple meanings and has several phrasal verbs. It is commonly used in the past tense, but is also used in the future. It is often used in older people’s speech. It was first used in dictionaries in 1828, but grew out of favor among grammarians by 1934. Today, it is still used in some English-speaking communities, though it is not as common as in its native country.

Idioms with runns

Idioms are expressions used in everyday conversation. They are also frequently heard on TV and in movies. Knowing these expressions will make your English sound more native. Idioms are often used to express feelings and can help you better relate to people.

This idiom refers to being extremely lazy. A person who is very lazy might just let his hair grow in his hand. In other words, he would not succeed because of his laziness. For instance, a public servant is a lazy person.

Another example of an idiom is “rain of animals.” This expression refers to bad things happening all at once. But it can also mean something good. For example, “raining cats and dogs” can refer to rain. The use of these phrases can make your speech more entertaining.

Learning idioms is a great way to improve your English vocabulary. They are expressions that are common in everyday and business conversations. Learning these expressions can help you use new words and phrases more effectively. They also help you to use these expressions in situations where you might be embarrassed about your pronunciation.