Who would have thought you could make money just playing video games? Well, for this post we will be focusing on a popular MMORPG that’s called RuneScape. This game currently has two available versions, Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. Both game versions offer you the chance to make a good amount of money playing these games on your computer or mobile device.

For this guide, we will be talking more about Old School RuneScape and how you can earn extra money playing this MMORPG.

Sell OSRS Gold

OSRS is an incredible game with many interesting features. One of the most important aspects of this experience is its gold coins, or most commonly known as OSRS gold, which can be used for purchasing items and food in-game as well as weapons or other necessities needed during training sessions and OSRS quests

There are various ways to get gold in-game, one of which is through farming. You can farm herbs and do herb runs to earn a good amount of OSRS gold quickly. Another way to get some OSRS gold is by killing monsters or bosses in-game. Zulrah and Vorkath are two of the most profitable boss slayer targets for this reason!

Setting your character to a high enough level of skill is necessary before you can kill profitable OSRS monsters. If this sounds like something that would take up most of the time in an otherwise enjoyable game, we recommend buying RuneScape gold from a trusted Runescape gold site and skipping all those tedious grinding sessions!

You can start making a killing in RuneScape by taking up profitable skills such as Herblore, Farming, or Mining. When you’re able to level these up, you’ll make more extra money as you increase your OSRS gold cache.

Sell OSRS Items

The best way to get rich in Old School RuneScape is by getting rare items. There are many hard-to-get, high-value assets that will earn you some serious cash if they’re sold to fellow RuneScape players who want them in their inventory.

The 3rd Age Pickaxe is a rare and expensive item in Old School RuneScape. It costs about $1,200-$1,400 each as of now – but it’s worth every penny due to how difficult this particular piece of equipment was obtained!

If you’re looking for a challenge, this 3rd age equipment is worth the risk. You can find it on master Treasure Trails and marked as dangerous activity – but if your questing skills are sharp enough, there’s a treasure waiting at every turn.

Other OSRS items worth acquiring that can sell for thousands of dollars in the marketplace are the Twisted Bow, Elysian Spirit Shield, and 3rd Age Bow.

Sell OSRS Accounts

There’s no need to level up a character in OSRS if you want fast experience points. All players, new and returning alike are turning toward account sellers for their needs because it can be an easy way to make progress in the game without the need to spend hours playing it yourself.

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to OSRS accounts. From the low-priced ten-dollar ones all the way up through the Ironman tier, each account has its unique price and benefits that you need before making any decisions about which type would work best for your character goals within Runescape.

Typically, each OSRS account falls under the following categories:

– Main

– Pure

– Skiller

– Ironman

These accounts can be a good way to make money out of this popular MMORPG. The demand for OSRS accounts has been increasing since the game’s release in 2013.

With the rise in popularity, there are more players than ever before. By partnering with online forums or stores that carry them you could easily sell your account for a good price!

Final Thoughts

You can make some money playing RuneScape if you play the game long enough. Spending time farming for gold in Runescape is a great way to make some extra cash. Also, more gold means that it is easier to get better weapons and armors for quests, which will help with completing them faster!

This is important because it will increase account value and help with expensive OSRS skill training costs if focused on leveling specific ones instead of others.

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