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Buy Bitcoin Cash with a Credit Card in Simple Steps


From the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born in 2017 with the aim to solve disagreements regarding the original Bitcoin payment and the operation of the blockchain. Today, you can buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card from the convenience of your home or mobile phone. If you have no idea how to go about this, we will teach you the best possible processes you can follow. So, there is no need to worry about it. 

One thing you need to know is that taking precautions when transacting with crypto is necessary, and it starts with securing your device with strong antivirus and is followed by using a reputable platform. With this in mind, let us go through the process. 

Creating a BCH Wallet

Assuming that you are a newbie in BCH, then you need to have a wallet where you will put your digital coins. Usually, wallets are hosted by third-party platforms, and you need the best. Download their app or visit their website to create a wallet. 

Each platform has different procedures to create one, but all are easy to follow. The most important things to note are your passwords, recovery details, and any other information that you need to keep secure. 

Have a Valid Credit Card

Before you proceed to an exchange platform to buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card, you should make sure that the card is valid. A credit card has limits, and if you have already spent against it, you should know the amount to avoid disappointments during transactions. Your is fp markets regulated will advise you on all these details upon inquiry. When all is set, then move to the most important step, buying Bitcoin Cash with a credit card. 

  • Buying on NakitCoins – This is an all-around crypto exchange platform with numerous options. You can buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card with ease when you already have your wallet ready. For this option, they will quickly match you with a seller.  is a secure platform that is trusted by many, and you will definitely have a good experience trading on their platform.
  • Buying on Coinmama – Another big crypto exchange platform that you can trust is Coinmama. To buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card here, you need to verify your account. It is pretty simple as they have defined the procedures very clearly. Just follow them, and they will instantly match you with a potential seller. 
  • Buying on other legit platforms – Apart from these two popular crypto exchange platforms, you can also buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card on many other platforms. Peer-to-peer platforms are an option, but make sure that they are trustworthy. 

Using Bitcoin ATMs

Last but not least, you can buy BCH from a Bitcoin ATM. Today, these machines are versatile, which means that they can offer you this service. The good thing is that they are instant as soon as they verify that your credit card is legit. The BCH will be sent to your wallet immediately, and you can verify this through the same machine. 


There you go! You have numerous options to buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card. As mentioned, the most important thing is to have the wallet ready and use a known platform. Now that you know, it is time to start trading.

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