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How Binge-Watching Is Hazardous To Your Health?


What exactly is binge-watching? Just a cool name for addiction to TV. It existed long before we had any kind of streaming service, but services like Netflix and Hulu have definitely aided in blowing it up. Back in the days, when cable TV was the only option, some people could watch TV day in and day out, but since they didn’t have the option to watch something they liked all the time this behavior stayed under control. Now, it’s just spinning out of control with streaming services offering videos on demand. Even cable operators have noticed this trend and started offering streaming services of their own. All you need is high-speed internet to enjoy streaming without ever having to see the buffering icon. In case you are searching for a reliable connection, search for ‘internet in my area’ on the search engine to compare all your options. 

Binge-Watching – A sport

This addiction to watching TV shows or movies back to back has actually turned into a sport. The TV has become a passion for these people who actually race each other to watch. They’re proud of how fast they can watch shows in a go, staying up all night without any knowledge of the outside world. This indeed is problematic, even though we may think of it as something outstanding that requires lots of stamina.

Binge Watching – Problems

You stop doing the healthy things in life when you’re binge binge-watching. You exercise less, eat more, are sleepless, and isolate yourself. A deadly cocktail of habits I must say. Do this in the long term and you’ll definitely end up with various health issues. Let’s discuss a few obvious ones.


Sleep Loss


It is common knowledge now that the blue light emitted from our cellphone screens makes it difficult to sleep. It’s the same with TV or computer screens too. Doctors recommend that we switch off any screens at least an hour before sleeping.

Many people would swear that falling off to sleep while watching TV has never affected their sleep quality. In fact, I don’t even have to go that far, for example, my own father does it and he lives a happy and healthy life. Although, if you’re deliberately staying awake to watch something, that’s a problem.

Sleep deprivation has negative effects on your brain and the immune system. An adult needs somewhere between 6 – 8 hours of sleep each night to function properly binge-watching through the day. So in order to stay healthy, it is a good idea to follow the advice of the experts and get that sleep. 




Of course, watching movies or TV shows cannot make you fat. Nevertheless, lack of activity and poor food choices that accompany binge-watching most definitely can. When you’re so absorbed in watching something you obviously won’t get up to prepare a proper meal for yourself. Hence, the fast fast food we order online or the unhealthy snacks that we love to munch on. We also lose track of how much we’re eating, sometimes even ignoring the stomach’s signals of being full.




There’s no solid research that links binge binge-watching to depression. However, if you are a binge binge-watcher yourself or know someone who does this regularly, you can notice that it is an addiction that makes people feel lonely and unhappy when they’re on their own and not watching something. In fact, sometimes they can feel lonely among family and friends because they’d rather be on Netflix. It encourages solitude but in a very unhealthy way….physically and mentally.


Heart Disease


Just like any other activity that includes lots of sitting around, binge binge-watching contributes towards increasing the risk of heart disease. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can also cause blood clots in the arms and legs which can then travel to the lungs causing a pulmonary embolism.


It is not a problem to watch your favorite shows or movies. In fact, I would say it’s much needed with our hectic lifestyles. Although, when entertainment holds you its prisoner, that’s where the problem begins.

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