Best Films To Watch At Home

Sit back, relax, and turn on your large flat-screen TV, even better if it is wall-mounted of course! (Click here for TV wall mounting services.) Get ready to make your way through our list of some of the best films to watch at home either in your own company or with family and friends. Let’s dive in!

School of Rock 

When financially unstable guitarist Dewey hits rock bottom, he is provided with the opportunity to boost his income by becoming a substitute teacher by filling his ex-flat mate’s new opportunity at a school. The thing is, he is illiterate and can’t actually teach! Using his musical talent and ambition, he turns the class into a rock band with the end goal of them competing in the Battle of the Bands contest. But, how long will the iconic Mr. S be able to keep this under wraps before parents and colleagues start to clock on? Get your popcorn ready to tune in to one of the best films to watch at home with the whole family!

The Theory of Everything 

If you wish to find out more about the world’s most famous and extraordinary physicist, Steven Hawking, “The Theory of Everything” is well worth a watch. It demonstrates Hawking’s life from being a student at Cambridge University to his diagnosis of motor neuron disease at the young age of 21. Alongside showcasing his life, the storyline dives deep into his relationship with his long-term wife, Jane, and the ups and downs they face due to the additional and overwhelming care that Hawking requires.

Dirty Dancing 

One of the best films to watch at home has got to be the iconic “Dirty Dancing.” The 1980s classic is still well-loved worldwide by all age groups and has got to be one of the most timeless pieces in cinematic history. The film stars Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze as Baby and Johnny, two star-crossed lovers who meet at a summer resort. Filled with love, conflict, and plenty of dramatic dancing, it is one of the best films to watch with your friends! Hey, you may even find it in your old DVD drawer!


Ahh, the perfect setting for every horror movie, a secluded cabin in the woods, at least the directors of the film, “Hush” didn’t miss the memo! Featuring a young, deaf girl in her fight to survive against a masked (then unmasked) killer, the film features suspense, deaths, and plenty of gore. It’s always a good idea to watch horror films at home, it means that you do not need to venture out into the unknown after watching at a friend’s house! Oh, and it means that you aren’t disturbing anyone with your dramatic screams!

There’s Something About Mary

Who doesn’t love a golden oldie? “There’s Something About Mary” definitely falls under that category! The storyline follows the attractive Mary Jensen, portrayed by Cameron Diaz, as she is chased continuously by guys who fall head over heels for her. To make their way close to Mary, they use a series of lies and manipulation to win her over, but will high school friend Ted eventually shoot his shot with the dream girl he has had his eyes on for years? Or will he take the manipulation route too? With fan favorites such as Ben Stiller, Matt Dillon, and NFL star Brett Favre, this film is purely timeless as well as hilarious.

Yes Day 

Believe it or not, having strict parents can be both a pain and a blessing in disguise. The Torres kids, Katie, Nando, and Ellie, learn that the hard way. After a conference with the school, their parents, Carlos and Allison realize that they may be somewhat dictating towards their kids. In an attempt to reverse this impression, they suggest an idea of a “yes day” which involves a whole day where the kids can decide what they want to do, and their parents cannot say no! As you can imagine, with three kids in control, this day goes the complete opposite of smooth! Part of the immense Netflix Originals category, the film released in 2021 is the perfect modern-day, family-fun film to watch.

The Hangover 

As one of the most popular trilogy films to date, The Hangover would not go a miss on our best films to watch at home list. Hey, if you have the time, you may as well watch all three! Starring the famous trio, Phil, Stu, and Alan as they embark on a trip across Sin City to find their friend Doug before his wedding day, the film is nothing short of eventful. Are you even surprised? It does take place in Las Vegas, of course! The Hangover will have you laughing from start to finish, and we can most certainly guarantee that this film is not a one-time watch.

The Tinder Swindler 

One of Netflix’s latest original hits has proven to be extremely popular as it has sparked attention worldwide. Simon Leviev is now a household name, and for all the wrong reasons! After swindling over 10 million dollars from innocent women with who he had confided and built a relationship through “love-bombing”, his story is documented by the women and investigators involved. To be mind-boggled and shocked at his extensive actions to gain wealth, press play on The Tinder Swindler today.

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