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We are looking for guest posts on Technology, Business, Tech News, Digital Marketing, Social media, Cloud Computing, Gadgets, Computers, Hardware, Apps / Reviews, SEO, Marketing, Guest Blogging, Gaming, and various categories topics to write for us. We’re continually searching for new authors. If you have a thought to encourage our readers and move our industry forward.TechieMag also accepts those authors who wish to contribute posts daily. Do let us know via the Contact Us

Guidelines For Submitting the Guest Post on TechieMag

  • The article should be 1000+ words and should be unique.
  • We offer you 2 links per article, 1 for your landing page and another to your internal page.
  • Content should be with subheadings and proper alignment.
  • You can also send info-graphic images to make your post attractive. Dimensions of the image should be 1200 X 800 pixels.
  • We appreciate it if you check with the content on Grammar to avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • Make sure the post should be related to the categories mentioned.

Write For Us Technology on Trending Topics

Submit Guest Post On Technology Blog
Submit Guest Post On Technology Blog
  • Information Technology (IT), Data Science, Digital Marketing, & SEO
  • Technology News & Updates and Digital Trends
  • Telecommunication, Science and Technology, Managed Services.
  • Internet, VPN, Network, Telecom,
  • Blogging Tips & Tricks
  • SEO, Technical SEO, & SEO Audit Tools
  • Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing Tools
  • Top 10’s and Top 20’s
  • Gadgets, Mobile Apps, Android & iOS Apps, Reviews, & Ratings
  • Web Technologies (Javascript, React JS, AngularJS, & jQuery etc.)
  • Software Programming & Instructions
  • WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Smart Home Automation & Security Systems
  • Guides, Strategies, Tactics, Trends, Tips, Tricks, and more!

Do Not Send Us The Guest Post If

  • Article/post which has been published elsewhere.
  • Article/post which is promoting your product or service. When you write an article make sure it is truly informative and non-promotional
  • We found the same article on other sites so we will immediately remove it.

What Articles We Don’t Accept

  • Topics that have already covered on our blog.
  • We do not accept casinos, poker, gambling, betting, adult, dating, and porn-related articles and links.
  • Topics that are irrelevant to our blog/site.
  • Please search our site before submitting your articles.

How to Submit Your Guest Posts Technology?

We will be very happy if you contribute content to our site. If you have any queries regarding guest posting at Techie Mag, do let us know via the Contact Us

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App development Write for us Related Topics

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 IoT Write for us Related topic

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