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Many people don’t give their IP address to a second person, but you probably did. There are many ways in which IP addresses can serve as a digital fingerprint across the internet, making it easier for people to find you on websites or for businesses to identify you. The IP address contains all the information related to that person. In order to fetch such information, you should need to use the WHOIS IP online tool. 

However, sometimes IP addresses fall into the wrong hands, so it is necessary to secure your IP address. This article will examine the hows and whys of masking your online activity. Is it really necessary to worry about who receives your IP address? But first, do you know what is an IP address? What is its actual purpose? If not, read this article thoroughly.

What Is An IP address?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address serves as a signature for identifying devices on internet networks and enables data packets to be sent between computers and devices within a network, including the Internet. Computer devices, such as laptops or online websites, have their own unique identifier within the Internet as a result of this string of characters.

It is important to note that it is used when your device connects to other devices or networks, such as websites or logging into accounts. Your IP address usually leaves a digital footprint that records your activity.

Why Do You Need To Hide Your IP Address?

It’s your choice whether or not to share what you want. Keeping your IP address hidden online is a great way to ensure your privacy online, and it makes sense for a lot of people. It should be noted that not everyone requires hiding their IP addresses, but if you believe that any of the reasons listed below make sense for you, you may consider hiding your IP address.

  • It is important to keep your physical address out of the reach of prying eyes. By utilizing your connections to networks and the footprint left behind, people can triangulate where you are in the world if you do not keep your IP address private.
  • Ensure you are not restricted from connecting since some websites may only allow you to connect from specific locations.
  • Avoiding targeting (such as ads) based on your activities while you are logged in and what you do online.
  • Protecting your online activity from being tracked by your internet service provider.
  • Making sure that your search activity is not shared or intercepted.
  • Keeping track of companies and services that you have previously visited.

How To Hide Your IP Address

Below are some of the different methods and approaches that we have used.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), 

You may have heard of this method, even if you do not fully understand it. VPNs are one of the most popular types of software or applications.

In order to protect your traffic and searches, it encrypts all of your data and routes it through a virtual tunnel. Since the virtual tunnel is encrypted, it can protect data from being intercepted. This allows you to keep your activities private or appear as if you are connected from another location. You can get the top VPNs from here.

Use Tor Browser

Tor is a completely free browsing search engine. In a way, it functions like its own version of a browser, which you can download for your computer. It performs the same function by masking your IP address whenever you connect to the Internet. This browser is encrypted to protect your privacy while you browse, but it requires a little bit of setup to get started.

Use Public WiFi To Hide Your IP

The use of public connections makes your geographical location somewhat anonymous and certainly more difficult to track, especially if you are connecting to multiple locations at the same time.

Hide Your IP Address With a Proxy

By using a proxy or proxy server, you can anonymously hide your IP address on the internet so that the details of your device are not accessible via the internet. Although this type of connection is popular, it is not always as reliable as a virtual private network (VPN).

How To Find And Check Your IP Address?

Using a who is IP lookup tool, you can determine what information is already available about your IP. A majority of these services will provide you with the details of the string of characters and your actual IP address, but they may also provide you with information regarding whether your IP address is being collected, such as geographical information regarding your location.


Probably, IP addresses play an important role in your day-to-day life, and you might even be sharing your IP data without even realizing it. The best way to protect your IP address while surfing and ensure that no advertisers or other individuals can track your activity is to develop a strategy to protect your IP address and maintain your privacy at all times.

In order to find someone’s location or website or device-related information, there are many who are IP online tools. You can use these tools to fetch the information.