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Computer coding abilities have become a highly sought-after skill set in this current era of digital disruption. Accordingly, web development, software development, data science & analytics, cybersecurity, and digital marketing expertise will help individuals land the most lucrative jobs across many verticals.

Online coding Bootcamps are an answer to this high requirement for individuals with different coding abilities. ThriveDX offers one of the best online coding Bootcamps in the country. 

Coding Bootcamps are short-term, intensive training programs primarily designed to help people gain coding abilities in the shortest time possible. Coding Bootcamps are offered in-person and online, depending on the school/organization and the course. 

That said, the number of online coding Bootcamps far outnumber Bootcamp courses attended in person. 

These training programs are also fast gaining in popularity. This is chiefly attributed to the fact that many students who enroll in an online coding Bootcamp find themselves with adequate skills (in their chosen area of expertise) to be hired as paid professionals after the course. 

On average, it takes less than four months to complete a typical Bootcamp course; that makes this coding course so appealing to students and individuals looking to secure well-paying jobs and get started in their professional careers on the right note and as soon as possible. 

So, let’s look at some vital stats that would help gain a clearer picture of the overall scenario.

Job Prospects for Coding Bootcamp Graduates

A 2019 survey conducted by Course Report, a primary coding Bootcamp review site, revealed that over 80% of coding Bootcamp grads across the country found themselves employed in positions that involved the skills they acquired at the Bootcamp. 

The median salary for these employed Bootcamp alumni was $66,964 annually. Again, one of the premier coding Bootcamps in the country, based out of Wilmington, Delaware, reported that over 88% of their Bootcamp graduates accepted paid employment within three months of completing their respective courses. 

Learning Coding: Is It a Wise Decision to Invest in It?

As we continue to move deeper into the digital age and our lives are increasingly shaped by the digital experience, many things will change rapidly. 

This applies to career options and the job industry as well. Many current jobs, positions, and skill sets will soon become obsolete, with new sets of skills and expertise taking their place. 

It is predicted that:

  • 75 million jobs will be replaced by the end of 2022
  • 54% of employed individuals will need to reskill or upskill
  • 133 million NEW digital roles will emerge

As for coding jobs, in particular, they are expected to grow at a faster than usual rate through 2029. Predictions (made based on the data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) vis-à-vis various coding jobs tell us that:

  • There would be an 8% job growth in web developer jobs (currently the most accessible positions for coding Bootcamp grads) with a 2019 median salary of $73,760.
  • Software development jobs are expected to rise at a rate of 22%, with a median salary of $107,510 as of 2019.
  • Job growth in the cybersecurity or information security analyst field is expected to be 31%, with a median job salary of $99,730 as of 2019.
  • Demand for IT managers (trained in data science & analytics) will grow by 10%, with a median salary of $146,360 in 2019.

The above stats show that individuals with advanced coding abilities will be among the most highly sought skilled professionals with excellent career prospects. 

Is An Online Coding Bootcamp Enough to Secure a High-Paying Job?

The answer is both yes and no. Many feel excited at the prospect of landing a lucrative job after finishing a 4-months intensive coding course. And this appears all the more appealing compared to the time, effort, and money one needs to invest in a 4-year college degree. 

However, for one thing, one should note that many of the highest-paying coder positions in the best companies require that the candidate has a bachelor’s degree. 

More importantly, the digital age, among other things, is characterized by lifelong learning—meaning that as things evolve, we’ll need to keep upskilling or reskilling to stay relevant in the current job market.

That said, one can look at an online coding Bootcamp certificate as a launch pad to a new and fulfilling career with excellent prospects. As mentioned above, in 2019, the median salary of successful Bootcamp graduates was close to $67,000. There is hardly any vocational course at present that will let you earn that much money after finishing a 4-months course. 

ThriveDX: One of the Most Popular Online Coding Bootcamps in the United States

One thing to know about coding Bootcamps, online or in-person, is that they are not accredited schools and are not subject to government oversight like traditional colleges. 

This makes it all the more necessary that you do your research well before applying to any particular coding Bootcamp course, thus ensuring that you invest your money in the right place. 

Now, when it comes to ThriveDX, one of the best coding schools of its kind, there is little room for doubt. Founded by veteran Israeli Defense Force (IDF) cybersecurity and digital technology experts, the school offers online Bootcamps and extensive courses on EdTech solutions and digital skills training. 

The courses cover cybersecurity, Software Development, UI/UX Design, Data Science & Analytics, and Digital Marketing. Each course comes in a Bootcamp version and through an extensive training program. 

For example, the ThriveDX Software Development program comprises 15 modules/courses. However, as an online Bootcamp course attendee, one will get to learn the first five of these modules. 

These first modules are designed so that once you complete them, you’ll already find yourself in a good enough position to showcase your skills and abilities to potential employers. 

One can then go on to complete the rest of the program (highly recommended) for more thorough and advanced knowledge on the subject. All the other courses offered by ThriveDX also work the same way.

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