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Smart Strategies that Simplify Email Marketing Campaigns


Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of reaching out to your customers. Individuals who subscribe to marketing emails regularly look forward to informative content, offers, and tips, which are best delivered via email. While there are several theories around this type of marketing, here are some of the most successful concepts for simplifying email marketing and amplifying results.

Segment your email recipient base

Your customers will be from all walks of life and in different positions in the sales funnel. Every customer cannot be treated the same way. A good way to maximise the impact of the email marketing campaigns is to segment the customers according to some of these metrics:

  • Demographics- Age, gender, location.
  • Position in the sales funnel- Are they a new customer, returning customer or a long-time loyal fan?
  • Purchase history.

These segmentation tactics help businesses create personalised emails for customers. New customers receive general emails with educative content, whereas loyal customers get insider exclusives.

Analyse the performance of the marketing emails

Tracking the performance of your marketing is critical to your entire strategy. Constantly monitor the performance of your email campaigns to discover what works and where you can improve. One of the main factors to track is the open rates of the marketing emails.

If you notice that they are stable or falling, consider changing your subject lines or doing A/B testing. Split testing and evaluating the findings usually helps businesses find what type of email works for every segment of their customer base. Other important metrics to track include:

  • Bounce rate.
  • Unsubscribe rate.

After identifying the issue, you can consider using Post SMTP to boost email deliverability. This easy-to-use SMTP mailing plugin will provide you with exceptional features to make your email marketing campaign a success.

Include an effective call to action (CTA)

An email without a CTA is just a pretty way to show off your vocabulary from a marketing standpoint. Inform your prospects or subscribers of the activity you require them to do. CTAs are similar to subject lines in that they should be brief, clear, concise, and descriptive. The CTA must ring true and persuade the readers.

While the CTA approach could be normal, what usually gets the prospective customer to take immediate action is time-sensitive CTAs. It could be in a sale or an exclusive offer just for them.

Create a catchy yet effective subject line

The subject line in the marketing email you send creates the maximum impact. This one-liner usually makes people decide whether they want to open, trash, or keep the email for later. These are some handy tips to help you create better subject lines:

  • Keep the lines short with not more than 6-10 words. Any longer will seem like a ramble, and the potential customer will become uninterested in the attached content.
  • Get creative with the subject line. Make it classy; do not be afraid to try out different words if it does not sound too complicated.
  • Personalisation is key. Loyal customers will not appreciate receiving emails with subject lines meant for general customers. Different segments of customers require different emails.
  • Talk about the benefits of opening the email concisely. Do remember to stick to the above word count.

Automate your marketing emails

Automating marketing emails helps businesses save time when communicating with their customers. Every top email marketing company today performs various tasks through automated emails. Some types of automated marketing emails can include:

  • Sending customers, a thank you email after their purchase is complete.
  • Sending abandoned cart reminders.
  • Welcome emails.
  • Emails about offers and flash sales.

It all happens in the background, allowing you to focus on more vital things like working towards your organisation’s goal.

Send optimised and educative content

Marketing emails should be visually striking, but they should also provide readers with useful information. If you generate a stylish HTML email, add a text-only version to ensure that the recipient receives your message.

Given that most emails are now viewed on portable devices such as laptops, tabs and smartphones, you should choose an email design that is mobile adaptable and can resize to the appropriate screen size.

Your emails should also contain educational content; customers need to be convinced about why they need your products and services and what problems can be solved with them. This factor gets them invested in your project that compels them to make a purchase. On the contrary, directly pushing your products for sale will reek of desperation and drive the customers away.


Email marketing is a resourceful way for businesses to reach their customers when these smart strategies are applied. When the customers enjoy these emails, the conversion rate will increase, thus, allowing businesses to stay at the top of their game.

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