Moving house alone can be an incredibly stressful experience, let alone when you are moving across national borders. Emigrating can be a huge logistical and cultural challenge, but, thankfully, there are also several ways you can make your international move much more straightforward. Here are 4 handy services you should seriously consider purchasing when you move country.

Car Shipping 

Unless you intend to drive your car to your new home, getting your vehicle to your new place of residence when you’re moving country can be a major challenge. While there are some companies out there that offer to have someone drive your car to where you need it to be, this can be prohibitively expensive and can come with significant risks.

Conversely, if you compare car shipping companies, you can save a lot of money on transporting your vehicle. Shipping containers are typically a highly secure method of transportation. This is because they can only be accessed by either the buyer, the seller, or the dock employee. In addition, all shipping containers must adhere to strict regulations that ensure the risk of damage is minimized. However, while shipping is naturally an option for transferring other goods to a new country, too, it can be needlessly costly when you are moving items that are less valuable.

International Moving Services

A common mistake that many movers can make is by trying to do as much themselves as possible. While this can be tantalizing as a way of saving money, in reality, this can actually cost people time and money, especially when moving internationally. You should therefore seriously consider hiring an international professional mover to carry out this task for you.

Attempting to pack and ship all of your goods yourself can be hugely time-consuming, and because professional movers are constantly engaged with logistics companies, they can typically secure cheaper shipping rates. In addition, professionally packed goods have a much lower chance of being damaged in transit than those you pack yourself.

Visa Advisory Services

Depending on the nature of your move, you may need to secure a visa to ensure that you can legally stay within the country. Visa regulations and application processes can often be highly complex and confusing, and they often differ extensively between countries. Consequently, an invaluable service for those confused about the visa process is visa advisory services. These companies can highlight what you will need to submit to maximize your chances of having your application approved. Some companies also operate on a no-win no-fee basis, where you will only need to pay if your application is approved.

International Pet Relocation 

Transporting your pet to your new home can be a source of anxiety when it involves international travel. Fortunately, this has led to companies developing bespoke services to ease movers’ peace of mind. International pet relocation services typically are comprised of animal handlers, consultants, and veterinarians, so that you can be sure your pet is in the care of compassionate professionals with ample experience working with animals.

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