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Five Reasons Why SMBs Should Hire A Marketing Department


Do you ever feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your marketing efforts? You’ve got great products or services, but no one seems to know. How do you get more people to notice you and become customers?

You could hire a marketing department or upgrade your existing marketing team with more highly skilled workers. For instance, you could hire a CMO with an online master’s in marketing from a top school. Or you could look outside to upgrade or supplement your team. 

1. You’re currently spending money but not seeing results

You may have started with one or two marketing tactics but found yourself having to add more and more to see any success. It could be the growing pains of a new marketing campaign, or from trying to spread your marketing budget too thin. Hiring a marketing department or bringing on highly skilled marketers helps you increase your ROI. You could spend less on marketing and social media strategies with an experienced team and get results. 

2. You have a hard time hiring and retaining good marketers

If you have someone who isn’t very knowledgeable in charge of your marketing, it could cost you lots of money and time. As a result, hiring skilled marketers helps you avoid these issues. Consider using a recruiting firm to find experienced marketers with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. Alternatively, you could retain a marketing agency as you transition to upgrading your team. Nevertheless, allow each member to focus on their strengths.

3. Your team is stretched too thin already

Your company’s marketing team members may try to be experts in everything. If so, they may be doing a poor job in several areas. Moreover, they can’t focus on doing what they do best. Any marketing team member should be skilled at one or two things. For example, if your social media manager is also responsible for your website, they may not have the time. Hiring or upgrading your marketing department allows your team to focus on doing what they do well. Also, you get better results from your marketing spending.

4. Marketing is your top focus right now

Perhaps you’re in the middle of a shift in your business. You’re trying to pivot to a new niche and get the word out more about your products. Or maybe you’re attempting to redirect your entire business to a new market segment. If so, you could hire marketers who understand your new market. You could hire a few marketing members or outside experts. Or you could look to find people who know specific marketing channels as a response to your new market.

5. You want to take your company to the next level

Scaling up is a good challenge to have for your company. You may have started as a small business with just one or two people on your team. As you grew, you managed to keep up with all of the marketing tasks – until now. So, consider bringing in marketing members who specialize in your needed areas. 

If you think that your company could use a boost in the marketing department, these five reasons may help you decide to hire or expand your marketing.

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