Instagram is a popular social networking site with millions of users. It allows you to explore, create, and share your material with millions of other users on the platform. Wait! This is not limited to only the act of creating. No, absolutely not. Adding clickable links to your Instagram profile, stories, and even the comment area allows you to share your material with others. That’s fantastic, isn’t it? But, how can you know if your efforts are yielding results or not? That may be really perplexing!! Thank you to the internet, which has provided the answer in the form of analyzer applications. When it comes to them, Gramho is one of the top options available.

Gramho is a tool for analyzing and viewing Instagram accounts. Our algorithm provides you with the capability of examining the statistics of your own or another person’s Instagram account. Also available is the account rating, which indicates how popular your Instagram account is in comparison to other accounts. Furthermore, you may study and monitor the content of your own or another person’s Instagram account in an incognito manner.

Using statistics, you can learn more about Instagram profiles and hashtags as well as posts and followers. You may also learn more about Instagram locations and stories. You have the ability to download Instagram images, videos, and stories fully anonymously and in an infinite number of downloads for absolutely no cost. Enjoy your time with Gramho and feel free to share stuff with your friends on social media.

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How To Use Gramho To View Account Statistics On Instagram

Gramho is a website that collects various data about a certain Instagram profile or hashtag and then displays them to the user. The search function on the platform makes it easy to access information on a certain account, including statistics such as the average number of likes and comments per publication, the frequency with which posts are made, and the percentage of material in photographs and videos.

If you work with social networks or just want to keep track of the performance of a profile, this is a useful tool to have on your computer. In addition, access may be gained without the need to form a profile, which is convenient. In order to prevent your account information from being shown on the platform, you may request removal by completing the form found at this link. See how to use the Gramho in this video!

Gramho: How To View Account Statistics On Instagram

  • Click here to access Gramho on your computer or mobile phone in step one. In the search field, enter a username or a hashtag to begin searching.
  • Trying to find an Instagram profile (Image courtesy of André Magalhes / Screenshot)
  • Step 2: Make a list of all of the things you want to do. Choose the profile you wish to access from the list of results;
  • By searching, you may locate the profile. (Photo courtesy of André Magalhes / Screenshot)
  • Step 3: The next screen will reveal the most important information about that particular individual. It is possible to examine various statistics on the phone by swiping over the available choices. On the popularity rankings page, you can see the average number of likes and comments per publication, the average interval between postings, and the percentage of images vs videos. Step 4: tap a post to get additional information about it. Scroll down to see the feed for that account. The site, in addition to allowing you to like and comment on the picture or video, also provides the option to download it.

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Alternatives To Gramho In 2022

1: Instagram

Instagram (formerly known as Facebook) is a social media platform that enables you to create and share photographs, stories, and videos with the people who matter to you. Contact friends, discuss your activities, and learn what’s new from people all around the globe via social media. Take a look at our website…

2: is a website that allows you to explore Instagram accounts and hashtags without having to create an account. Learn about the most popular individuals and hashtags on Twitter. Check out what your pals are up to. This product makes use of the Instagram API, but it is not affiliated with, approved by, or certified by Instagram…

3: GramRank

Detailed Instagram and User Reports may be generated.

Browse each public Instagram user anonymously – View any public Instagram user anonymously There is no registration or login required.

Examine Recent Interactions and Activity on Instagram, according to the user report.

4: Buffer

Buffer allows you to graphically plan and schedule your Stories on the web or on your mobile device. When it’s time to publish, Buffer will give you a smartphone notice with all of the information you need to share the Story on Instagram with your followers. Save time by managing all of your social media accounts in one place…

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Is It safe To use Gramho?

yes. Gramho does not need you to provide your Instagram login credentials in order to utilize the service. Not only will you be able to abuse accounts in an anonymous manner, but you will also be protected from having your account details stolen or your personal data intercepted.

In any event, this program is plainly in violation of Instagram’s terms of service, which are blatantly breached by this malware. Despite the fact that scraping is lawful, the social networking site prohibits its usage. “You may not try to establish accounts, access, or get information using it in unlawful tactics,” according to Instagram’s terms and conditions, which prohibit automated data scraping among other things.

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