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While working on the system it is very important to streamline everything. The system, therefore, requires constant checking and updating after regular intervals. The regular check includes maintenance of hardware, condition of software, and other applications to ensure the smooth running of the system. The recent systems have an option that the drivers update automatically. Thus, no additional help is required for this purpose. As the auto-update happens, the system lags because of the load on the system. To avoid the load, it becomes important to get rid of the unnecessary updates and files on the system. Many users prefer switching off the updates and switch to an application that can update the system when it is required. You use one recent addition among these applications after you can get the right driver booster 6 key.

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Driver Booster 6 Key Free

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Why You Need Driver Booster Key?

Driver Booster comes from the home of IObit, which is a household name in the world of computer-based applications. This booster helps help the user by updating the tasks and then by optimizing the computer’s performance. It also guarantees the maximum security of the system. The other amazing products from the same company include Smart Defrag, Malware Fighter, and AdvancedSystemcare. 

IObit created a Driver booster to support all versions of Windows including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, and XP. It Keeps the system updated after performing a regular check of all the drivers on the system. 

Users trust this Driver booster 6 for being a trusted companion for their system. It’s The details regarding 3 million drivers from popular creators like Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and several others. Driver booster 6 ensures the smooth operation of the system. Thus, performance is uplifted automatically. The popular functions on the list include managing the view system information, fixing device matters, and creating restore points. 

Benefits Of Acquiring Driver Booster 6

Driver Booster 6 is integral to handle the day-to-day issues with the system.

  • Driver Booster 6 can handle faulty or corrupted media files.
  • It is great for updating gaming applications.
  • All the drives available with the driver booster 6 are recognized by the manufacturers and they have undergone the Microsoft quality test called WHQL. 
  • If any of the external devices stop working, get the driver booster 6 key so you can upgrade and improve the same. 
  • It would fix the drivers that stop working and cause the messages to pop up on the screens mentioning the system crashed. 
  • With the driver booster 6 updates, it is easy and convenient to handle the update of the outdated drivers. It is like you infuse the system with a new life. As the drivers update automatically, hence you have to worry a little. 
  • It ensures complete coordination between the hardware and the software so that the function would run smoothly with no interruption. The regular updates are a must, especially when you own an extensive database. 


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System Requirements

To get the driver booster 6 key, it is important to have the following system specifications:

  • Operating System: All versions of Windows like 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, and XP. 
  • Processor: 1 GHz or more
  • Memory: Not less than 512 MB
  • Connectivity: Efficient broadband connection
  • Capacity: Minimum 500 MB

Pros and Cons  of Driver Booster 6

We must not ignore that the driver booster is a completely tested application, but still, it has the good and the bad to it. Like any tech product, it can have the good and the unpleasant aspects going parallel to each other. If there is a success, there is failure associated in some aspects too. Before installing the application and acquiring the driver booster 6 key just go through the following pros and cons:


  • Auto checking option.
  • Ergonomic features
  • Goes well with all Window versions.
  • Auto reboot and a shutdown feature.
  • Fulfills the WHQL standards.
  • Backup for all versions available. 


  • Not available for Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.
  • No support for the older versions
  • No auto support for some essential drivers. 
  • Do not show missing drivers.
  • Translation option is limited.  

How to install Driver Booster? 

Driver Booster 6 installation is not something that requires professional help. This is how you can do it comfortably in your system. 

  • Save the installation file from the publisher’s page and then execute it after saving.
  • Choose a custom installation option.
  • Select the right destination path.
  • Check for the desktop icon.
  • Pin the icon to the taskbar.
  • If you feel like having additional tools, go to the option, and then install. The other option to skip the step. 
  • You are ready to install.


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Driver Booster 6 is an excellent help for the users who are working with the system quite often. The quality of their work depends upon the fact that how well the drivers are working. It is for this reason that a close check is a must to keep the drivers updated. Get the Driver booster 6 and let the system breathe a sigh of relief.