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9 Best Metaverse Websites With Trends, News & Developments


Metaverse websites highlight one of the most significant achievements of the modern age. They detail a technology that’s growing at a breakneck pace. But which metaverse website should you follow? You’ll soon discover the nine best metaverse websites and understand the unique benefits of each. Each tends to have a different focus and is written by experts in various fields.

Or you can use augmented reality (AR) technologies to overlay the metaverse on top of the offline world. These are two ways of accessing a digital universe alongside the physical one.

The fact that it’s a whole universe means that there are no boundaries there. The metaverse isn’t limited in size. It doesn’t have limitations, it’s decentralized, and it’s persistent. It can’t be turned off or made inaccessible. It’s even filled with people to explore alongside. Every metaverse website highlights how the domain is growing in different ways.

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The 9 Metaverse Websites That Offer the Best of the Best

You’ve seen just how important and immense the metaverse is. Keeping up to date with it might seem not easy at first. But it’s easy to do so by following metaverse websites run by experts in the field. Each metaverse website provides something unique thanks to the contribution of its authors. And by following them, you can be sure that you’re seeing exactly what the metaverse is and where it’s heading in the future.


This metaverse website provides a wealth of information about social VR and virtual worlds found within the metaverse. The site’s creator, Ryan Schultz, started it back in 2017. He wanted to create a site that looks at the social experiences found in virtual reality. Gaming is an essential part of VR. But metaverse websites often focus on gaming to the exclusion of everything else. Schultz created a different type of discussion.


Metamandrill.com is one of the metaverse websites focused on every part of that universe. It looks at the metaverse as merging the online and physical worlds through new technologies. This metaverse website examines an experimental and evolving technology in directions nobody can predict. 

But it highlights every possibility through careful examination. Metamandril essentially takes a subject that appears quite complex and simplifies it. This makes the world of the metaverse clear.


Metaverse sites need to cover a lot of technical details. But the business side of things is often the source of the metaverse’s momentum. Matthew Ball’s site provides a look at all things metaverse. But one of its strong points comes from the author’s business background. He’s able to provide a look at not just the technical side of things. This is one of the metaverse websites that also highlights how important business is.


John Radoff is a well-known entrepreneur. He has a longstanding history with crypto, digital culture, startups, and of course, the metaverse. He’s leveraged this expertise to create one of the metaverse websites that offer a broad subject overview. Radoff’s extensive tech background lends his metaverse website a unique clarity when discussing complex issues. He can give a concise overview of some topics. But when a subject deserves extra attention, it can span multiple entries.


It’s obvious to anyone who’s given the metaverse a try that it’s the future come to life in the present. It should be a little surprise that a futurist like Bernard Marr has one of the best metaverse websites. This metaverse website looks at the subject from the perspective of a well-known futurist author. People love his writing, and the website shows that expertise. In addition to 20 books, Marr has garnered 1 million newsletter subscribers.

Skarredghost.com – The Ghost Howls

Metaverse websites are typically driven by passion. And passion’s on display in this particular metaverse blog. The author tried out the Oculus DK2 VR headset in 2014. That experience changed his life. Tony then founded a VR startup called Immotionar. He aimed to improve immersion and body-tracking. And Tony learned a huge amount about the metaverse, coding, and the business side of things from that experience. All of which is on display on his website.


The metaverse is always on the bleeding edge of new technologies. And this is one of the metaverse websites that looks to the extreme side of all new technologies. This means examining VR, AR, human-computer interaction, and all things metaverse. It’s a metaverse blog that’s able to examine the technologies from all sides as well. It looks at the hardware developments with new visual or input devices. But it also looks at new metaverse software.


There’s been a trend of metaverse websites tackling things from a unique perspective. This is largely due to the fact that the metaverse is a complex subject that’s constantly expanding. This particular metaverse website was launched with an express mission of simplifying that complex reality. It’s been able to bring news of the metaverse to an estimated 30 million person readership. Their team of experts has experience with everything related to the metaverse and other technologies.


There are a lot of different subjects under the larger banner of the metaverse. Techradar is a metaverse website that aims to cover almost anything tangentially related to it. This makes it one of the best metaverse websites for people to explore the full range of technologies related to the subject. They don’t just point out new metaverse technologies either. They show how you can fit it all into your life.

The True Importance of Metaverse Websites

Each highlighted metaverse website provides a unique look into a rapidly developing universe. But it’s essential to keep in mind that the metaverse websites are always adding new information. The metaverse is constantly growing. And so are the metaverse websites.

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