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Turn Your Great Idea into a Killer Apple App


Countless successful products and services started with a great idea. The good news with app development is that you don’t need technical skills to create an excellent app for the Apple ecosystem. You just need professional help with your idea. 

App development has been democratized with the rise of independent app developers. A top iOS developer like Guarana Technologies can partner with you to craft an app for Apple products built on your idea, whether you’re a tech startup, an existing business, or a manufacturer. Here are three steps of their iOS development process:

  • iOS App Wireframing:  This is a critical phase in app development for Apple products. The team’s UX experts work on crafting the best user-friendly app frameworks that maximize user engagement. 
  • iOS App User Interface Design: Professional designers work on the aesthetics of your app, ensuring that it looks unique, slick, and matches the theme. Everything, from the layout to the icons, is carefully designed. 
  • iOS App Development: The hardworking and experienced engineers work on developing an app that carries all the required features. 

But before any good developer starts working on your minimum viable product (MVP), they’ll ask the following questions:

#1 What is Your Target Audience? 

It would help if you had a solid idea of who your target audience is for your app. You should know your demographic to focus on the right features for your app.

#2 Is There a Market Need for Your App? 

Your iOS app must fulfill a market need to be successful. Otherwise, your startup may end up like the 40% that fail because they don’t fill a demand.

So, please perform market research before any business venture. Conduct surveys, study competitors, and check similar products to conduct research. 

#3 Is Your App Too Broad? 

It all depends on the market and type of app, but in general, apps can fail if their focus is too broad. Apps with specific audiences have a greater chance of thriving. For example, instead of developing an app that helps users cook all types of recipes, focus on a lifestyle app that targets users with specific dietary needs. 

#4 What Are Your Long-Term Goals? 

Are you developing an app to gain experience or are you interested in revenue generation? How do you intend to profit from the app if monetization is your concern? It would help if you had an idea of your long-term goals before you start working on the app.

#5 What is Your Budget? 

Your budget should match your ambitions. For instance, you’ll need significantly more funds if you want a sophisticated app that features cutting-edge concepts. 

Most startups begin with personal savings and investments from family and friends. After developing an MVP, they may try to attract investment from angel investors, venture capitalists, and crowdfunding platforms. 

#6 What is Your Timeline? 

It would help if you had a clear timeline for your app. The software’s development time can take anywhere from a few months to over a year. 

Turning your idea into a successful app for the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook is certainly possible when you enter the process prepared and partner with an experienced iOS developer for the best results. 

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