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NEET Marks vs Ranks – Know the Difference Here


Making a career in medicine has become one of the most preferred choices as it is a lucrative field and offers immense growth. Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the NEET exam for aspirants to make a career in MBBS and BDS fields. This year, the exam will be held on Sunday, 17th July 2022. After conducting the exam, the NTA will soon release the NEET answer key 2022. With the help of the answer key, the students can analyze their position among lakhs of other students who appeared for the NEET exam and know which medical college they can get a seat in. 

While looking at the NEET answer key, students often get confused about NEET marks vs. rank. If you are one among them, we are here to back you up. 

In this article, we will look at everything you should know about NEET marks vs. rank. 

Let us first start by understanding the marking scheme of NEET. 

Marking Scheme of NEET 

  1. NTA awards 4 marks for every correct response and deducts 1 mark for every incorrect response. 
  2. NTA will not deduct any marks for unanswered questions. 

To calculate your NEET marks vs. rank, you can use the below-given formula – 

(Number of correct responses x 4) – (Number of incorrect responses x 1)

Factors Contributing to the NEET Marks vs. Rank 

  1. The difficulty level of the NEET exam 
  2. The total number of students appearing for the NEET exam. 

Let us now look at expected NEET marks vs rank for 2021.

S. No Expected Marks Expected Rank
1 720 1
2 718-708 2 to 31
3 707-698 39 to 131
4 697 – 688 134 to 382
5 687-678 399 to 844
6 677 – 668 880 to 1625
7 667-658 1710 to 2912
8 657-648 3065 to 4869
9 647-638 5073 to 7357
10 637-628 7643 to 10545

Importance of NEET Marks vs. Rank 

  1. NEET marks vs. rank help students have an estimated idea of their rank. This will help them get an overview of their performance with respect to other students who appeared for the NEET exam. 
  2. It also helps the students choose the medical college in advance according to the rank they have achieved. 

Tie-Breaking Criteria for NEET Marks vs Ranks 

In case of a tie-break between 2 students, NTA follows the below-given criteria – 

  1. NTA will give preference to the student who has higher marks in Biology.
  2. If both the students have the same marks in Biology, NTA will give preference to the student who has higher marks in Chemistry. 
  3. If both the students have the same marks in Chemistry, NTA will give preference to the student with the least number of incorrect responses in all subjects, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Your Way Forward 

You now know everything about NEET marks vs. rank, the marking scheme, and the factors contributing to the same. Securing a good rank in the NEET exam is crucial to getting into top medical colleges and making a career in BDS or MBBS. 

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