How To Track the Driving Activities of Your Child Using a Parental Control App

It is indeed a proud moment for the parents when their child gets a learner’s permit. But with their little one suddenly behind the wheel instead of beside it, they are also apprehensive about their safety on the road. Nowadays, teens can be tempted by distractions while driving, like checking their phones or slamming brakes like it’s Fast & Furious and overspeeding. Besides, roads are very unsafe, and parents have all the right to be worried.

Guiding your child by giving tips is a good step towards making them conscious drivers. Conveying to them that there is an imminent threat to others’ lives and their own is also important. But you can never be too sure. Thanks to technology, we have apps like Famisafe Parental control, which offers driving monitoring of your child’s driving behaviors. Let’s take a closer look at the app’s features and its benefits.

What Is Famisafe?

Famisafe is an advanced parental control app by Wondershare. It works to take care of your child’s online safety from threatening websites like drug-selling websites, adult dating apps, inappropriate porn sites, betting sites, etc. Parents are given control over their child’s digital activity, and it also lets them block objectionable sites or apps. Apart from tracking and restricting online activity, parents can use this app to protect their children on the road. It has a Drive Safety feature that parents can enable. One of the best things about Famisafe is that you can set up the windows parental control software on windows enabled devices.

We will discuss this and other features Famisafe offers in detail below.

Features of Famisafe Parental Control app

  1. Driving History Report

If you have a teen who just got their learner’s permit, it also means you have concerns about their driving habits. Famisafe gives you a comprehensive driving history report, which includes parameters like the top speed, average speed, total distance traveled, overspeeding alerts, etc. With this information, you can track your teen’s driving behavior and monitor dangerous driving practices like crossing the speed limit, hard braking, phone usage, etc. You can even compare weekly reports to see how they are improving their safe driving skills.

  1. Location Tracker

It is obvious for parents to be worried about their child’s safety when they go out alone. Plus, children can be notorious, and they may not disclose where they are going truthfully. In either case, you can’t take any chances about their whereabouts. With Famisafe, it is easy to track your children’s location in real-time. Parents can even create Geofences and be alerted if and when they are broken. The app also makes a report of your child’s location history, so it’s easier for you to track them.

  1. Activity Report

The Activity Report allows parents to track their children’s devices remotely. This remote eye on your kid’s digital activities helps you to know which apps your child uses the most, what they are curious about, whether they are addicted to certain websites or apps, and if they are consuming inappropriate content. The app maintains a record of their daily phone activity and online preferences, so you know that they are up all night studying and not watching videos or playing games that are not suitable for them.

  1. App Blocker

This is an excellent feature for protecting your child from threatening or dangerous apps and helping them focus better. You can use the App Blocker to block age-inappropriate apps. You will be notified if your kids try to install those apps. The App Blocker also lets parents restrict usage of certain apps like games, entertainment, etc., to prevent digital addiction. With the help of Famisafe, you can set schedules of fixed durations for using these apps. This way, your children are engaged in learning, exercise, etc., with total concentration.

  1. Track Uninstalled Apps

Your children can easily install inappropriate or dangerous apps and then uninstall them so that they can hide them from you. Famisafe can help prevent this. The app keeps track of uninstalled apps too, and with this information, you can educate your child about certain apps and how to use them safely. Famisafe also tracks the latest apps that your child has installed on their phone.

  1. Filter Web Content

Children having access to the internet can be very stressful for the parents, given the innumerable dangers of the digital world. It can be a very dangerous place if their children are exposed to inappropriate or threatening content. To keep this in check, Famisafe has a Website Filter that creates a safe digital space for your children by letting you block such websites. It also allows you to track your child’s browsing history, even private or incognito history, remotely.

  1. Track Screen Time

As is evident by the name, Famisafe lets you monitor your child’s screen time. You receive an average screen time report with per-app screen time data to help you better analyze which apps your child spends the most time on.  This data is available for the last 30 days and is categorized into Video Players, Action, Editor, and Other. You can set a screen time limit to prevent phone addiction in your child. If they use the phone after the screen time limit is over, none of the apps would respond.

  1. Detect Suspicious Texts

Tracing any explicit content on your child’s device is very important. Your child should only use the internet responsibly. Famisafe has the Explicit Content Detection feature to help you detect suspicious or inappropriate texts and content on your child’s device. When your kid is texting, you would be immediately alerted if any suspicious words are used. This is a step towards protecting your children from the wrong influence on social media.

  1. Detect Suspicious Photos

Monitoring texts, words, and content might not be enough to ensure the total protection of your child in the digital space. Texting nowadays involves a lot of images. Famisafe allows you to monitor suspicious images on your child’s device. This could be potential pornographic content or other content not suitable for your child. The parents will receive instant alerts when an image of this nature is detected.

Famisafe Parental Control App Pricing

Famisafe, despite the host of features it offers, is a very affordable parental control app. It provides three convenient plans; monthly, quarterly, and annual. These plans are very cost-effective given the long list of features, and all types of cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Direct Debit, PayPal, and much more) are accepted to make the payment. The annual plan costs $59.99 per year with protection for up to 10 devices; the monthly plan costs $9.99 per month with protection for up to 5 gadgets, and the quarterly plan costs $19.99/quarterly with protection for up to 10 devices.

Setting Up the Driving Activity Monitor on Famisafe

The app is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. To use Famisafe on your laptop, you will have to use the website. Setting up Famisafe at the parents’ end is a piece of cake. A sign-in or sign-up page is the first thing you will encounter. If you are new, then create an account as you would on other apps. Otherwise, just log in. Then, click on ‘Start’ to add your child’s device. A pairing code is sent to it, and once you enter that, the device is registered on your Famisafe app. To set up Famisafe on the kid’s device, just log in using the same credentials you used. Go to the Driving History Report section and enable Drive Safety, and you can select parameters like top speed according to the limit in your area. It can be effortless to have a reliable parental control app.

Download the app on your device from here;


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After writing down every feature that Famisafe offers, we can positively say that it is the best parental control app parents can download. It provides versatile protective features at budget-friendly costs and convenient plan durations. Apart from the driving history report like the website filter, explicit content detection, screen time monitor, etc., the features are very well adapted to actual problems children face in the digital world and concerns parents may have. To clear any doubts, go ahead and sign up for the three-day free trial and see yourself.

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